Friday, September 14, 2012

Vermont A.A. History-Christian Recovery Workshop Participants

International Christian Recovery Coalition


Those Who Traveled from Afar to Help and Research during the September 2012 Vermont A.A. History and Christian Recovery Workshops


By Dick B.

© 2012 Anonymous. All rights reserved



Trip Participants


Jim H., the State of Washington


William Boyles, Delaware


Charles Ballard, Delaware


Bob D. and his wife, Alberta, Canada


Leonard Grubb, Ohio


Carl “Tuchy” Palmieri, Connecticut


John Moser, Connecticut


Neal B. and his wife, New York


Wally Camp, Maine


Keith B. and his wife, New Jersey


Duane C., New Hampshire


Dick B., Maui, Hawaii


Ken B., Maui, Hawaii



Benefactors Who Sponsored and Made the Workshops Possible


William Boyles


Rick S.


Dr. Robert Turner


Bob J.


Wally C.


Jim H.


Tuchy Palmieri


Neal B.


Dr. John Mooney


Bob D.


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