Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The New Era of A.A. History: A Letter of Appreciation to Whyte House

Yours is a much appreciated and very important resource site. Glad  to be listed.

Our 46 books, over 1200 articles on A.A. History and the Christian Recovery Movement are emphasizing some new points today:

(1) There is a new era of A.A. history developing right now; and it centers on the immense new historical information about the Christian upbringing of Bill Wilson, Dr. Bob Smith, and Ebby Thacher in Vermont.

(2) There was a hiatus in Bill W.'s Christian connections which ocurred when his girl friend Bertha Bamford was suddenly dead after surgery. And Bill blamed God, turning his back on God.

(3) The long years of drinking ended when Dr. Silkworth, Ebby, and others made it clear to Bill that the Great Physician Jesus Christ could cure him, and Bill went to the altar at Calvary Mission. There he made his decision for Jesus Christ, soon wrote he was born again, and then cried out to God for help at Towns, and not only was cured but never again doubted the existence of God.

(4) From that point, Bill's convictions about conversion, a religious experience, and service became his major contribution, while Bob called up his immense childhood training in the Bible and Christian Endeavor.

(5) The two men put together the highly successful "old school" A.A. Christian fellowship founded in Akron in 1935.

See;; and our new book "Bill W. and Dr. Bob, the Green Mountain Boys: The Roots of Early A.A.'s Original Program." Be sure to see all three and then compare with the personal stories of the First Edition that have now been restored to conference-approved status. God Bless, Dick B.;

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