Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Suggestions to a mother seeking help for addicted son

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> 1. Thank you for calling and hanging in there this morning. These are

> difficult times for both you and your son. And you need to keep asking

> God, in the name of Jesus Christ, for help.

> 2. Please check out the Texas names on this website:

> 3. The two names that stand out for me are the one named Julie and New

> Life and the Wahrers. I'm sending each a copy of this letter. Call

> them or email them as below.

> 4. To review my suggestions to you:

>    a. Go to God first. I note your son asked if he could stay with you.

> But I would now tell him that you have talked with me at length and

> that the starting place for both of you is that, if he truly wants

> help in overcoming his addiction, God is an ever-present help. Pull

> out your Bible to Proverbs 3:5-6, study it, renew your mind with it.

> Believe it. And perhaps tell  your son that I suggested you take the approach there.

>    b. Check out the Salvation Army ARC and Teen Challenge in Dallas.

> Ask them if there is something nearer to you. Tell each that you are a

> Christian, that your son was raised a Christian, and briefly tell them 

> your situation. Tell them also that  you have spoken with me as an

> author and that I recommended  you call them. Then ask them if they

> will help, and what  you should do.

>    c. Your prayers should be directed at thankfulness for what you

> have, and asking God in the name of Jesus Christ to sustain you and

> your son, give both peace, and show you what to do, where to go, and

> from whom you should seek material health.

> 5. As a Veteran, your son can also seek help from a VA substance abuse

> program,

> 6. Send me your name, address, phone.

> 7. Work with your pastor.

> 8. Let me know the results of the foregoing.

> 9. As to my book God and Alcoholism, tell your son you have read it

> and that he may read it if he wishes, provided he wants help and is

> willing to look to God to receive it. Just as you have.

> 10. Thanks again for keeping in touch.


> God bless,


> Dick B.

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