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Highlights of Proposed 2nd Workshop Nov 1 -15 on AA History, Particularly Cleveland

Some Highlights of the Potential in an A.A. History Workshop in Cleveland


Planned Gathering November 5 – 8


Dick B.

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[A Project of the International Christian Recovery Coalition]


·         The Convenient Location and Focus

Cleveland Intergroup Office at 1701 East 12th Street, Cleveland 44114

Embassy Suites – 18 feet away, complimentary breakfast, Subway nearby

            1701 E. 12th Street

Hilton Garden Inn Cleveland Downtown, 1100 Carnegie Avenue, ½ mile

            from the intergroup office, conference room – excellent ratings

Archivist who has, in the past, displayed many records.

·         Documented materials which we probably can produce in addition for review & comments:

Clarence Snyder Bible – owned by Ken R.

Cleveland Central Bulletin copies

Original printer’s manuscript copy of DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers

                        Available for ownership by bid

            A Way of Life, A.A., AA in Cleveland pamphlets

            Oldtimer Interviews

            Group Directories

            Cleveland Plain Dealer and Houston Press Articles

            Documented Central Committee Meeting – rotating leadership

            Hospital Committee rules

            Newsletter Headcount showing 1400 active AAs – 22% of AA total in 1942

            Central Committee Statement of Purpose (self-governing, autonomous)

            Four AA of Akron Pamphlets

            AA Sponsorship Pamphlet by Clarence Snyder

            The Cleveland Plain Dealer Articles on “Cured” – later changed by others

            Clarence Snyder Survey showing 93% success rate with no relapses

            Rosary Hall, St. Vincent’s Charity Hospital

·         Resources to Study:

But for the Grace of God by Wally P.

How It Worked by Mitchell K.

Our AA Legacy to the Faith Community by Three Clarence Snyder

Oldtimer Sponsees

My Higher Power the Lightbulb by Clarence Snyder

Sister Ignatia by  Mary Darrah

That Amazing Grace by Dick B.

Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age

The Language of the Heart


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