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Research Draft: Rev. Sidney Perkins, First Congregational Church of Manchester VT

Research Draft on Rev. Sidney Perkins, Pastor of First Congregational Church in Manchester, Vermont, during the period when Bill Wilson, Ebby Thacher, and Perkins’s son Roger were attending Burr and Burton Academy. Ebby Thacher boarded with Rev. Perkins when Ebby was a student at Burr
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[Research by Ken B.]

Rev. Sidney K. Perkins: Part 2


Sidney K. Perkins graduated from Amherst College at Amherst, Massachusetts, in 1877.


Sidney K. Perkins graduated from Andover Theological Seminary at Andover, Massachusetts in 1880.


Rev. S. K. Perkins was ordained at South Weymouth, Mass., July 20, 1880.




[The Minnesota Home Missionary Society was called to order in the chapel of Willis Hall at Northfield, Oct 15th, 1880 at 10 am:] Owatonna Conference . . . Chain Lake Centre, Sherburne, Westford, Cedarville, etc., were served by Bro. Eells till July [1880], when he closed his labors. In August [1880], Rev. S. K. Perkins and wife came to occupy Sherburne and Westford. Their work is well begun.  [(p.) 52. Appendices]


Minnesota Branch of Woman’s Board. . . . Local Conference Committees. . . . Mankato—Mrs. S. K. Perkins, Sherburne, V. P.



Churches.        Ministers.


Sherburn          S. K. Perkins

SHERBURNE, (Martin county)--Former pastor, S. K. Perkins, removed to Plainview; . . .


Minnesota Home Missionary Society. . . . p. 24. . . . Gone to Other Fields. . . . S. K. Perkins has become pastor of the self-supporting church at Plainview; . . .]



“The General Congregational Association of Minnesota met for the Twenty-eighth Annual Meeting with the Congregational Church of Lake City, on Wednesday, October 17th, 1883, at 7:00 P. M. . . . Thursday Morning . . .


Churches         Ministers


Plainview        S. K. Perkins



[October 17-21, 1883:] Minnesota Home Missionary Society . . . Conference Committees. . . . Winona. Rev. J. W. Bradshaw, Rev. S. K. Perkins, Rev. J. W. Horner.



Officers of the General Congregational Association of Minnesota, 1884. . . . Scribe: Rev. S. K. Perkins, Plainview.


Winona Conference. Annual Meeting: Fourth Tuesday in May, 1885, at Wabasha. Registrar: Rev. S. K. Perkins, Plainview.


Church                        Minister


Plainview        S. K. Perkins


{Rev. Sidney K. Perkins, pastor, The Plainview Congregational Church, 1883 to 1885 [“Plainview Village and Township,” pp. 56-68, from History of Wabasha County, Minnesota, comp. by Franklyn Cur___ and others, (Winona, MN: Higginson Books, 1920)]}


“Winona Conference: . . . Plainview. Has been without a pastor since the resignation of Rev. S. K. Perkins, July the first. They are now in search of his successor.




Church                                                                                    Minister           Commenced    Ordination


Portland, West [a Congregational Church in Maine]  S. K. Perkins   Feb. 14, ’86     July 20, ‘80


The Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the West Church, Portland, was observed Oct. 28, 1887. . . . [T]he pastor, Rev. Sidney K. Perkins. . . . Sidney K. Perkins, present pastor, installed 1886, Feb. 17.



Portland, West Church, Organized 1862, September 17.

Sidney K. Perkins:

Ins. P. 1886, Feb. 17

Dis. 1891, April 22

p. West Springfield, Mass, 1893.

[Information above, beginning with Portland, West Church, Organized . . . is from: Minutes of the General Conference of the Congregational Churches in Maine, Seventieth Anniversary, . . . Sept. 22-24, 1896, Vol. 1, No. 2., p. 165]





The Outlook: A Family Paper. New Series of the Christian Union, Volume 48, For Week ending 9 December, 1893, Number 24 (The Outlook Co., Clinton Hall, Astor Place, New York), p. 1087 . . . Ministerial Personals. Congregational . . . S. K. Perkins, of Andover, Mass., accepts a call from the First Church of West Springfield.


Sidney K. Perkins joined the Hampden Association of Ministers on July 10, 1894. (The General Association of the Congregational Churches of Massachusetts, 1897: Minutes of the Ninety-Fifth Annual Meeting. Worcester, May 18-20.]


[Minutes of the General Association of the Congregational Churches of Massachusetts, 1891-1895; Notices for 1895]: West Springfield, Rev. S. K. Perkins.


[**Note: Roger Conant Perkins, the son of Sidney K. and Jennie T. (Shattuck) Perkins was born in West Springfield, Mass., Nov. 9, 1895.**]


[WEST SPRINGFIELD. Situated opposite the City of Springfield, in the centre of Hampden County (Hampden County MA Archives History - Businesses .....West Springfield Businesses 1896)]: Churches of West Springfield: . . . Congregational.-First Congregational Church. Meeting House Hill, Rev. S. K. Perkins, pastor.

[Address List of the Living Alumni of Andover Theological Seminary: Including All Non-Graduates of the Institution: 1899: Prepared for the Use of the Alumni by the Secretary of the Alumni Association, p. 24: (Year of Graduation!?): 1880, Rev. Sidney K. Perkins, West Springfield, Mass.]


Manual for the First Congregational Church of York, Maine - Pastors

Information also gathered from "A Brief History of First Parish Church, York, Maine"



Pastor                          Dates


Rev. Sidney K. Perkins           1899 – 1910


[November 19, 1899, to April 1, 1910]


. . . close relations with the old municipality of York which the First Parish (Congregational) possessed, dating its existence back to the year 1662. The Rev. Sidney K. Perkins told of the Congregational churches of York, and of their pastors. His paper appears in full in this volume. [“The Churches and Ministers of the Town of York” by the Rev. Sidney K. Perkins, “a paper read at the Commemorative Service in the Parish Church on Sunday Evening, Aug. 3, 1902, by the Rev. Sidney K. Perkins, Pastor.].


p. 120: “. . . [T]he Reverend Sidney K. Perkins, pastor of the First Parish Church, . . .”


[The General Conference of the Congregational Churches of Maine]:


Names of Members.    Residences.     Ordained.        Joined Asso.    Emp’t.


Sidney K. Perkins       York Village   20 July, ’80     9 July, ’00       P.


[**Note: Roger Conant Perkins “was fitted for college at York (Me.) high school and Burr and Burton Seminary, Manchester, VT.”—(Rev. Sidney K. Perkins accepted a call to pastor the Congregational Church in Manchester in the first months of 1910. Roger Perkins would have been 14 years old at the time of the family’s move from York, Maine, to Manchester, Vermont]



Manchester, Vt.: Address for Rev. Sidney K. Perkins, listed in the Amherst Graduates’ Quarterly, Volume III, October, 1913, to June, 1914: Lock Box 325, 
Manchester, Vt.




Rev. Sidney K. Perkins, who resigned from his pastorate at Manchester, Vt., last fall [i.e., the fall of 1921], has accepted a call to the People's Church of South Ashburnham, Mass. On November 17 he was given a reception by his charge and cordially welcomed to his new home. He left Manchester with the regret of the whole community, who showed their attachment by giving him a farewell reception, at which he was presented with a purse of $1500. [Source: Amherst Graduates’ Quarterly, Vol. XI—February, 1922—No. 2, “The Classes,” 1877, p. 141]


Sidney K. Perkins became a member of the Worcester North Association of Ministers [in Massachusetts] on January 16, 1922, and is listed as the Pastor of the South Ashburnham (Congregational) Church. [Source: The Massachusetts Congregational Conference, 1924: Minutes of the One Hundred Twenty-Second Annual Meeting, “Ministerial Standing,” 1924, 59.]

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