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Research Draft: Amanda C. Northrop - Dr. Bob's Foster Sister

Amanda C. Northrop – Dr. Bob’s Foster Sister – Research Draft


Dick B.

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[Research Work by Ken B.]


In our work preparing the Dr. Bob Core Library at North Congregational Church of St. Johnsbury, Vermont, we began to see references to Dr. Bob’s foster sister, Amanda C. Northrop. There were indications she lived with the Smith family. There were indications that she attended North Congregational Church with Judge and Mrs. Walter P. Smith, Robert Holbrook Smith, and Mrs. Smith’s mother. See Dick B. and Ken B. Dr. Bob of Alcoholics Anonymous, His Excellent Training in the Good Book as a Youngster in Vermont. (


Little did we know much important information, we were going to find about Amanda in connection with our work on the September 2012 Alcoholics Anonymous History Workshops in Vermont.


But, piece by piece, my son Ken began unearthing the following facts of importance to Alcoholics Anonymous History:


 (1) Amanda was a teacher. (2) She taught for a short time at St. Johnsbury Academy where Judge Smith was an Examiner; where Mrs. Susan Smith, his wife, had matriculated, had taught, and had remained active as an historian and in alumni affairs; and where Dr. Bob had attended and graduated. (3) She had also taught at the famous Christian Evangelist Dwight L. Moody schools at Mount Hermon in Northfield, Massachusetts. (4) This was clearly another link in the Christian upbringing which was part of Dr. Bob’s youngster years in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. (5) More, in the form of correspondence and content, may become available; and, if so, will be included with this material in our forthcoming biography The Prince of all Twelfth-steppers: A Biography of A.A. Co-founder Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith, M.D. [a working title].


Meanwhile, we record the following documentation:


Amanda C. Northrop


The Social Studies: American Historical Association, National Board for Historical Service, National Council for the Social Studies [is on the cover of the bound volumes]

The History Teacher’s Magazine, Volume III, Number 6, Philadelphia June, 1912


(p. 136: “List of Members of History Teachers’ Associations. . . .


“Association of History Teachers’ of the Middle States and Maryland”)


p. 137:  “Amanda C. Northrop, Normal College, New York City”


[Source:  ; accessed 7/29/09]



Amanda Carolyn Northrop, “The Successful Women of America,” Popular Science Monthly, 64 (January 1904, 239-44.


[Source: ; accessed 7/30/09]



“American Family Immigration History Center at Ellis Island”


First Name:                                      Amanda C.

Last Name:                                       Northrop


Last Place of Residence:                            New York, N.Y.

Date of Arrival:                               Aug 01, 1923

Age at Arrival:   64y     Gender: F   Marital Status:  S

Ship of Travel:                                 President Adams

Port of Departure:                           United States

Manifest Line Number:                             0023


[Source: ; accessed 7/30/09]



“Northups & Families”


ID: I11670

Name: Amanda Northrop

Sex: F

Birth: 19 JUN 1858

Death: Unknown

Fact 6: Teacher

ADDR: Northfield Massachusetts USA

[[The Northrup-Northrop Genealogy (1908) says “resides at Northfield, Mass.” ]]


Father: Abraham Northrop b: 30 OCT 1811 in Fairfield, Vermont

Mother: Rebecca Potter b: 19 DEC 1824


[Source: ; accessed 7/30/09]



“Northrups & Families”


ID:  I11655

Name: Abraham Northop

Sex: M

ALIA: Abraham /Northrup/

Birth: 30 OCT 1811 in Fairfield, Vermont

Death: 25 JUL 1864 in Fairfield, Vermont


Marriage 1 Rebecca Potter b: 19 DEC 1824


          Married: 9 FEB 1847 in Bakersfield, Franklin Co., Vermont



1.       Ella A. Northrop b: 28 DEC 1848 in Vermont

2.       Jane B. Northrop b: 15 MAR 1852 in Vermont

3.       Octavius P. Northrop b: 14 AUG 1855 in Vermont

4.       Amanda Northrop b: 19 JUN 1858

5.       Abbie L. Northrop b: 28 MAY 1862 in Vermont

 [Source: ; accessed 7/30/09]


One of the sources for the information on the family of Abraham Northrop (including Amanda) is: A. Judd Northrup, The Northrup-Northrop Genealogy (New York: The Grafton Press, 1908), 177-78. Available online: “Abraham Northrop, 177-78” ; accessed 7/30/09]



Census – US Federal 1860

Vermont – Franklin [County] – The Town of Fletcher, page 3:


1.       Northrop, Amanda (b: 1858*)

a.       Household:          Northop, Abraham (b: 1812*)

Northrop, Rebecca (b: 1825*)

Northrop, Ella (b: 1849*)

Northrop, Jane (b: 1853*)


[Source: ; accessed 7/30/09]



Abraham Northop


Birth:                   unknown

Death:                  Jul. 28, 1864

Age             52 yrs., 9 mos.

Wife:          Rebekah Potter  d 1880


Burial:                 Bradley Cemetery, Fairfield, Franklin County, Vermont


Rebekah Potter Northrop


Birth:                   unknown

Death:                  Oct. 15, 1880


Wife of Abraham Northrop age 55 yrs., 10 mos.


Family links:       Spouse: Abraham Northrop (____ - 1864)

Burial:                 Bradley Cemetery, Fairfield, Franklin County, Vermont



American Historical Association: Officers, Committees, Act of Incorporation, Constitution, List of Members, February, 1904


(In the “List of Members” section—which is alphabetically arranged by last name)

Northrop, Amanda Carolyn, 315 Riverside Drive, New York, N. Y.  (p. 54)


[Source: ; accessed 7/30/09]


(The same listing as below is also found on page 57 of the February, 1905, equivalent document)

(Her address is given as “19 East 41st St., New York, N. Y.” in the February, 1907, equivalent)


(American Historical Association Handbook, 1911:  p. 85: “Instr. hist., Nor. Coll., 19 E. 41st St., New York, N. Y.  me,  p”  [“me” = mediaeval history, western Europe; “p” = political science, government, and law])



Woman’s Board of Missions. Receipts from August 18 to September 18, 1894 

Vermont. Vermont Branch

“St. Johnsbury, North Ch. . . . Miss Amanda C. Northrop”


[Source: Life and Light for Woman, Vol. XXIV. November, 1894. No. 11., 531: ; accessed 7/30/09]





Syllabus and Index: The Journal of American History, Volume X, 1916


 The Founders of the National Historical Society

Original Life-Member Founders (pages 90-96)

Original State Advisory Board Founders (pages 96-97)

Original Founders (pages 97ff.)

New York (pages 121-25)


Northrop, Miss Amanda Carolyn, New York City. Assistant Professor of History Hunter College; Member American Historical Association, National Geographical Society.   [page 124]


[Source: ; accessed 7/30/09]



The Saint Johnsbury Academy

Listing of trustees, teachers, and students

Academical Year Ending June 1883


Northrop, Miss Amanda C.   Assistant for the year


[Source: ; accessed 7/30/09]



The Saint Johnsbury Academy

Listing of trustees, teachers, and students

Academical Year Ending June 1884

Saint Johnsbury, Vermont


          Northrop, Miss Amanda C.   Teacher of Mathematics, English & Penmanship


[Source: ; accessed 7/30/09]



Hand-Book of the Northfield Seminary and the Mt. Hermon School (Chicago: Fleming H. Revell, 1889)


“1885-86 [centered subheading]


“With the seventh year came as new teachers, Mary C. Strong, B.S.; Lizzie M. Larned, B.A.; Amanda C. Northrop (Wellesley); . . .”   [page 43]


[Source: ; accessed 7/30/09]


Under the centered subheading of “Teachers” on page 196 is stated:


Northrop, Amanda C.   Wellesley . . . . 1885-89


[Source: ; accessed 7/30/09]



The Wellesley Magazine, Vol. III. Wellesley, June 29, 1895. No. 9


[Centered subheading: “Annual Luncheon of the New York Wellesley Club” (page 505)


“The Wellesley Club of New York held its second annual luncheon at the Plaza Hotel, fifth Avenue and Fifty-ninth Street, on Saturday, May 11, at 1 o’clock.” ]


Miss Amanda C. Northrop, ’84-85, has been teaching in Mrs. Lockwood’s school, 150 East 37th Street, New York.   [page 506]


[Source: ; accessed 7/30/09]



The Wellesley Magazine, Vol. VIII. Wellesley, June, 1900. No. 9.


Miss Amanda C. Northrop, Sp. ’84-85, has obtained a position in the Misses Rayson’s School, 176-180 West 75th Street, New York City   [page 526]


[Rayson’s (Misses) School Library, 176-180 West 75th Street, New York City.  Miss Amy Rayson, Principal.

History.—Founded 1895; school library; supported by School.]



“Hunter College History & Milestones”


February 14, 1870: First classes are held on rented premises, above a carriage shop, at 691 Broadway. Hunter’s official founding date.


April 26, 1870: State Legislature changes name of the Female Normal and High School to Normal College of the City of New York.


1902: The Normal College receives provisional Regents accreditation and state recognition of its degrees.


December 23, 1908: Full State recognition of Normal College B.A. makes degree equal to degrees awarded at other women’s colleges.


April 4, 1914: State Legislature authorizes change of college name to Hunter College of The City of New York.


February 1920: Hunter celebrates its 50th Anniversary


[Source: ; accessed 7/30/09]




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