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Thanks to early A.A. participants who provided resources for Dick B. and Ken B.

Many Thanks to the A.A. History Contributors to Us Over  24  Years


There will be several lists. So stay tuned


Dick B.

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My friends from the founding group during A.A.’s early years


Congressman John F. Seiberling

Dorothy Seiberling

Mary Huhn – the three children of Henrietta Seiberling who provided many of the materials on Henrietta, her A.A. role, her Bible, her Christian convictions, and her life. Congressman Seiberling endorsed and wrote Forewords on many of my books. All went to the early AA Christian Fellowship meetings in Akron


Robert R. Smith

Betty Smith – his deceased former wife

Mona  Smith – his widow

Todd Smith – grandson of Dr. Bob and Anne Smith

Sue Smith Windows – This group, in whole or in part , met with me frequently, spoke with me at meetings;  enabled me to obtain and publish on Anne Smith’s Journal; see and list Dr. Bob’s library (in full); endorsed my books; and were repeated sources of information on old school A.A., Dr. Bob and Anne, historical items, and more.  Robert and Sue attended the early A.A. meetings.


Dorothy Culver – daughter of T. Henry Williams. She provided the data on T. Henry and Clarace; their reading; their comments; and some of their papers. She met with me personally.


Mrs. W. Irving Harris – widow of Rev. W. Irving Harris—assistant minister in Calvary Church; author of The Breeze of the Spirit; and author of a hand-typed memo given me and containing Harris’s account of Bill’s work with Sam Shoemaker on the Big Book and Steps. She gave me large chunks of Sam’s library; she wrote the foreword to my Shoemaker book; and she ran the bookstore for the Oxford Group at  Calvary House in New York.


L. Parks Shipley, Sr. – prominent banker and Oxford Group activist;  told me of Bill Wilson’s participation with Sam Shoemaker in groups led by Shoemaker from Calvary Church to Madison Square for witnessing; gave me some of his Oxford Group books; and traveled not only to Akron for the OG events there and traveled with OG founder Dr. Frank Buchman.

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