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Thank You List 2: to those Christian Recovery Leaders in California

Many Thanks to the A.A. History Contributors to Us Over 24 Years


There will be several lists. So stay tuned


Dick B.

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My friends who have conducted strong Christian recovery programs and efforts in California and set a model for others to follow, as well as allowing Ken and myself to address their meetings:


David P., Ministry Leader of Rock Recovery Ministries, Rock Church, San Diego, California. David also heads “ABC sober living,” and “Soledad House. There are patterns for newcomer orientation, Christian residential living, Bible studies, Christian fellowship meetings, A.A. meetings, and regular attendance at Rock Church.  David has been a frequent benefactor who supplies lodging facilities on our conference trips.


Randy Moraitis, Executive Pastor of Ministries, The Crossing, Costa Mesa, California. A particularly popular meeting is “Lifelines”—the Friday meeting of the church, which has professional speakers, birthday anniversaries, and small groups, as well as many youth activities.


Calvary Ranch, a men’s and women’s Christian recovery center at Lakeside, California, founded by Tom McAloon and his wife, sponsored by Pat Boone, and offering worship, fellowship, Bible, Christian, and recovery ministry.


Santos Ministries, Walter Santos, Percussionist, who lives in Carlsbad, California “sings for the King” throughout the United States—before troops, at prisons, in churches, at treatment programs, in 12 Step meetings, at Christian counselor groups, and also at several International Christian Recovery Coalition meetings.


Pastor Joe Fury and Roger McDiarmid, His Place Church, Westminster, California. This rapidly growing Christian ministry outreach conducts huge recovery fellowship meetings where, as they announce, “The Bible and the Big Book” are the texts used in our meetings. Both men speak widely. And we have been graced with the opportunity to speak at several of their meetings.


Mario Z., The Hideaway, a very large meeting in North Hollywood, California where Mario teaches the recovery program along with the Bible, beginning at Genesis. There is music, worship, a sermon, a speaker, and teachings. Ken and I were honored to be able to speak to a diverse assemblage of A.A. members, N.A. members, and Christians in recovery, as well as families and kids.


New Life Spirit Recovery, Inc. in Huntington Beach, California. This vibrant Christian recovery program offers, treatment, counseling, counselor training, church, and guest residential facilities. Dr. Robert Tucker is President and Pastor as well as President of the Association of Christian Alcohol and Drug Counselors Institute. His wife is an expert in codependency recovery. He houses the Orange County headquarters of International Christian Recovery Coalition, speaks widely, and has filmed and uses our Introductory Class.


Christian Alcohol and Drug Counseling Institute, Redlands, California. Senior Pastor Dr. Mike Belzman heads this institute and pastors at his church. There are many training and speaking conferences; and courses are available to train Christians in alcohol and drug counseling and be certified by the state. We have spoken at several of their conferences, and on panels with Mike and Bob Tucker, and I am one of their curriculum advisors.


Oroville Church of the Nazarene, Oroville, California. Recovery Pastor Dale Marsh conducts their regular Christian recovery fellowship called “Serenity,” is on the Speakers Bureau of International Christian Recovery Coalition. He not only leads Christian fellowships and community alcoholism and addiction outreach. He also devotes a great deal of time recruiting other churches, counselors, and recovery pastors in the growing Christian Recovery Movement Efforts. We have spoken at his church and traveled a great deal with Dale.


Cornerstone Fellowship, Livermore Campus, Livermore, California. Greg Pope and Dominic D. lead two different Christian recovery meetings at Cornerstone Church.They frequently host Christian recovery fellowship conferences, speak before other groups, and place strong emphasis on the Bible, the Twelve Steps, and A.A. in the recovery arena. We have spoken at their meetings and church several times. This fellowship is one of our benefactors.


Golden Hills Community Church, Brentwood. Recovery Pastor Matt Pierce and his assistant David Sadler are much involved in Christian recovery efforts—at their church, at a residential treatment facility, and in A.A. friendly community outreach and membership. We have spoken there several times. And this Church is one of our benefactors.


CityTeam International, headquarters in San Jose, California. It conducts

Christian residential treatment programs in several of its missions. It holds general meetings at Camp MayMac in Santa Cruz, California. It is presently engaged in a huge effort to carry the Christian message to the lost in Africa and elsewhere. We

held a four-day seminar at Camp MayMac. We have spoken before and to their staff and their fellowships several times. And we have been materially assisted by their President-Servant Pat Robertson.


Calvary Chapel at Los Gatos, California. The church has provided an entire, separate building for the use of Recovery Pastor Doug Nunes. There are large 12 Step and Christian recovery meetings regularly held there, Christian counseling, and community outreach. Pastor Doug is presently engaged in learning and planning regional Christian recovery meetings on a regular basis, entering the prison recovery ministry scene, and recruiting other Christian recovery leaders, pastors, and workers. We have spoken there once so far.


There are other Christian leaders, workers, and concerned public participants in the California scene. And their contributions will be covered in another thank you article.

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