Monday, February 18, 2013

Can AA be for Christians

A writer who shall remain anonymous just posted the following answer for one in Christian recovery and to one who wonders whether AA is good for Christians:

"Any Christian or any person for that matter can return to a sin from their past by making a wrong choice. I am no longer under a burden of alcohol. I have no desires to drink but I also know that if I make a choice to drink again I would return to my old ways might fast. I don't label myself as an alcoholic for my benefit, I will label myself as an alcoholic so others may better understand that I have been there and done that and know what is what from what I have experienced.
Her opinion of AA... What would she say about Celebrate Recovery or Alcoholics Victorious? Both groups are Christian based step programs.
In my opinion... AA or any other program that helps me grow is worth putting in my tool box for getting and staying sober.
Fully rely on God daily and use what ever tools are available that work is how I do things. God can have me be a tool that helps another and He can have another be His tool that helps me. Such support can be found both inside and outside the church walls. I can adjust what is found so it will match up with what I find in God's word and thus use it to bring God glory. Yes AA can be for Christians. "
Well done O good and faithful servant. Your message needed to be said. And it needs to be repeated over and over and over so that Christians who seek recovery in A.A. will freely turn to God for help and recognize they have that right and privilege as much as the early AAs did in what was then a Christian fellowship. Tolerance is all that is called for from recovery-minded alcoholics and addicts.
Dick B.

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