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Dick B. Discusses Recovery's "Higher Power" Fixation -

Dick B. discusses modern recovery's higher power fixation on the July 11, 2013, episode of the "Christian Recovery Radio with Dick B." show


Hear Dick B. discuss modern recovery's higher power fixation on the July 11, 2013, episode of the "Christian Recovery Radio with Dick B." here:



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It's time to turn the recovery spotlight on the subject I call "the nonsense gods" of the recovery movement. I say recovery rather than A.A. or other 12-Step Fellowship because it seems more and more apparent that the nonsense comes mostly from those who don't know A.A.'s history, or its origins, or its original Akron Number One Group's Christian recovery program, or how the first three AAs got sober without ever mentioning a higher power, a power greater than themselves or some god of their supposed understanding.


After 27 years of continuous sobriety and 24 years of research, I find it's the academic, the scientist, the so-called historian, and the ivory tower observer who thinks A.A. is monolithic, two million of a kind, and somehow holding a universal belief that there is no God.


But the facts show otherwise. And we are presenting them to you chunk by chunk in our series on “Higher Power,” Nonsense god, Power Greater Than Ourselves, and God as we understood Him


The dream analysts are often ex-AAs who have left the A.A. Fellowship, sometimes Christians who use irrelevant Bible verses to condemn A.A., sometimes professionals selling something besides God, the Big Book, the Twelve Steps, or the Bible.


But the vast majority of AAs I have met have no dog in this fight. They're far too sick, too self-centered at first, too afraid, too guilty, too ashamed, and too filled with troubles that they're not looking under a log for some potential idol they want to pray to.


We will review some of this. We will give you the quotes about a supposed "any god" A.A., about the supposedly hell-bound AAs who worship their “any god,” and about the theological straight jacket, with which they try to hold down belief in, facts about, and the redemptive power of God.


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