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Dick B. Comments on New Frank Buchman/Oxford Group Book Sent Him by Diaz, Owner of aabibliography


Thank you very much for calling my attention to this new Frank Buchman book. I’m mentioned in footnote 8 as “B” (with the name Burns after it) and no further ID of the book than “Oxford Group.” However, I believe I have read, collected, and placed in the Wilson House and Calvary Church in Pittsburgh all of the 500 Oxford Group—A First Century Christian Fellowship—Groups—Moral Re-Armament books, pamphlets, and articles that  one could find or buy or collect; and I acquired the libraries of (1) Treasurer George Vondermuhll, Jr. of Connecticut. (2) T. Willard Hunter of California. (3) key books owned by James Draper Newton and his wife Eleanor Forde Newton of Florida. (3) Key books given to me by the Executive Secretary  Ruffin from the library of Moral Re-Armament, Inc. in Washington D.C. (4) All the Shoemaker and Irving Harris books owned by Mrs. W. Irving Harris who handled the Oxford Group book stall at Calvary House in New York. (5) Books, articles, sermons, correspondence and papers in the Episcopal Church Archives in Austin, Texas. (5) the church records and sermons at St. Georges/Calvary Church Parish in New York (6) All the papers at Hartford Seminary where Buchman taught in the early years. (7) Important later books by British authors who helped me much—Garth Lean (Buchman’s biographer), Michael Hutchinson (Lean’s colleague), Kenneth Belden of London, Belden’s son, Peter Howard—Buchman’s successor, and two or three more like Cecil Rose, Howard Rose, “How do I Begin;”  “Life Changers,” “What is the Oxford Group,” and still more; Howard Blake, James Houck, the Florida Congressman, T. Willard Hunter, Charles Clapp, Victor Kitchen, two by Buchman’s “executive secretary” who had many records; dozens by Rev. Samuel M. Shoemaker, Jr.; then “Soul Surgery,” “Life Began Yesterday,” “For Sinners Only,” several Harold Begbie books, several quiet time books by Winslow, Carruthers, and many others mentioned in my Oxford Group, New Light  on Alcoholism, Good Morning, and Books Early AAs Read for Spiritual Growth.


The copy you sent  does not have all the pages. Hence I don’t know how many this author actually read or cited. But I intend to get a copy of the book, review it, read it , cite it  and use it—where appropriate.


I also will mention your URL, letter to me, and the many Oxford Group/Shoemaker books you have dealt with on your voluminous site aabibliography.


Thank you, Diaz, for thinking of me and passing along  this news. Your collaborative help and broad coverage over these many years has certainly been treasured. Thank you again.



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