Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Alcoholics Anonymous History and Christian Recovery: Answers and Guides as to Where We Go and Why

[Jane.. just wrote asking when Ken and I were coming to Washington and to what city we would go]

Dear Jane: We have three governing ideas as to  where we go to impart news about A.A. history ad the Christian Recovery Movement:

(1) We go only if invited. (2) We go only if welcome. (3) We go only when our expenses are funded and paid in advance--airfare from Maui; meals and lodging; incidental expenses like parking, cabs, airport transportation, and tis.

Most important, we usually are convinced from phone calls and emails as well as posts by hosts that they are hungry to establish a Christian recovery fellowship or program, that they are leaders and active, that they want study groups, that they may be having difficulty overcoming restrictive acts by community offices and "officers" of their fellowships, that they have a specific relationship with recovery from alcoholism and addiction--AA, treatment, detox, intervention, church, recovery pastoring, sober living, counseling, and AA origins and history.

We are content providers and love talking with, meeting with, and training those with whom we eventually become good friends and with whom we continue to have enriching communication.

The best time we spend is not at the conferences or seminars themselves, but rather in personal in-depth meetings with folks in the community where we go. Two guiding objectives: (1) Will it serve and glorify our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. (2) Will it focus on helping and healing the alcoholic or addict who still suffers.

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