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Supporters of Dick B. AA History-Christian Recovery Research

Benefactors Who Have Substantially Supported Us

over Our 23 Years of Work


By Dick B. and Ken B.

© 2013 Anonymous. All rights reserved


About January of 1990, we began the work of researching, analyzing, publishing, and disseminating the history of Alcoholics Anonymous and, later, of the Christian Recovery Movement. The effort would not have been successful without the following substantial benefactors who supported that work in many different ways.


We think it fair and proper to say that, in the language of A.A.’s Big Book, their real purpose and our real purpose was “to be of maximum service to God and the people about us.” Also, to be doers of the Word, and not hearers only.


The List (Others to Come)


Daxton and Jessica Lyon, Honolulu, Hawaii

Scott C., Honolulu, Hawaii

Bob J., Kihei, Hawaii

Mark G., Ontario, Canada

David W., Canada

Chris P., Toronto, Canada

Bob D., Alberta, Canada

Nell Wing, A.A.’s First Archivist, New York

Frank Mauser, A.A.’s Second Archivist, New York,

Richard K., Massachusetts

Wally C., Maine

Ray G., former Archivist, Dr. Bob’s Home, Akron, Ohio

Sue Smith Windows, daughter of Dr. Bob and Anne Smith, Akron, Ohio

Robert R. Smith, son of Dr. Bob and Anne Smith, Nocona, Texas

Betty Smith, daughter-in-law of Dr. Bob and Anne Smith, Nocona, Texas

Todd Smith, grandson of Dr. Bob and Anne Smith, Vernon, Texas

Congressman John Seiberling, son of Henrietta Seiberling, Akron

Mary Huhn, daughter of Henrietta Seiberling, Pennsylvania

Dorothy Seiberling, daughter of Henrietta Seiberling, Manhattan, New York

Dorothy Culver, daughter of T. Henry Williams, Sacramento, California

Duane C., Cornish, New Hampshire

Father Bill W., Chair, Episcopal Diocese of Texas Recovery Committee, Austin, Texas

Mark Duffy, Archivist, Episcopal Church Archives, Austin, Texas

CityTeam International (Pat Robertson), San Jose, California

CityTeam International (Mike Pounds), Oakland, California

Rick S., San Jose, California

Santos, Carlsbad, California

Peter V., San Rafael, California

Charles P. Mau, Manhattan Beach, California

Freda Mau, Manhattan Beach, California

Veronica and Val Robbins, Woodland, California

Ron Glosser, Akron, Ohio

Rich S., Long Island, New York

Neal B., Clay, New York

Tuchy Palmieri, Westport, Connecticut

New Life Spirit Recovery, Inc. (Dr. Robert Tucker), Huntington Beach, California

Bob Noonan, MSW, Orange, California

Saddleback Church (Rev. John Baker), California

Mariners Church (Rev. Jim Gaffney), Irvine, California

Won Way Out (Bill Boyles), Wyoming, Delaware

Betty Ford Center (Jerry McDonald), Rancho Mirage, California

Little Hill Alina Lodge (Geraldine O. Delaney, CEO and Founder), New Jersey

Hazelden Educational Services, Center City, Minnesota

Pacific Hills Treatment Center, San Juan Capistrano, California

Celebrate a New Life at Hope by the Sea (Bobby Nicholl), San Juan Capistrano, California

Jeff and Debra Jay (Love First), Michigan

Youth with a Mission (Addictive Behavior School), Kona, Hawaii

Footprints, Inc., St. Louis, Missouri

Alcoholics Victorious, Kansas City, Missouri

Neighborhood Alcoholics for Christ, Escondido, California

Overcomers Outreach, Inc., Whittier, California

NET Training Institute, Titusville, Florida

Bridges of America (Bishop Frank Costantino), Florida

Dunklin Memorial Church (Rev. Mickey Evans), Okeechobee, Florida

Take12 (Monty M.), Albany, Oregon

Jim H., State of Washington

Wilson House, East Dorset, Massachusetts

Bill Pittman, Director of Historical Information, Hazelden, Center City, Minnesota

Col. Mel Shulstad, Redmond, Washington

Major Tim, Joe and Charlie Seminars, Sacramento, California

Joe McQuany, Serenity Park, Little Rock, Arkansas

Charlie Parmley, Joe and Charlie Seminars, Arkansas

Ozzie and Bonnie Lepper, Wilson House, Griffith Library, East Dorset, Vermont

John M., M.D., Harvard

John Z., M.D., Alaska

Robert Turner, M.D., South Carolina

Darvin Smith, M.D., Boulder, Colorado

Jeffrey H. Boyd, M.D., M.Div., M.P.H., Waterbury, Connecticut

Rev. Michael Liimatta, Kansas City, Kansas

Rev. Jim Gaffney, Mariners Church, Irvine, California

Rev. Chuck H., Arizona

Rev. Dr. Jay, McKeesport, Pennsylvania

Rev. James Moody, Jamestown, Tennessee

Rev. George McLauchlin, Tampa, Florida

Rev. Jay Sprout, St. Johnsbury, Vermont

Rev. Joe Furey, Westminster, California

Rev. Matt Pierce, Golden Hills Community Church, Brentwood, California

Rev. Doug Nunes, Calvary Church Los Gatos, Los Gatos, California

Rev. Randy Moraitis, The Crossing, Costa Mesa, California

Rev. Dale Marsh, Serenity Group, Oroville, California

Rev. Jerry Liversage, Responding Recovery, Orange County, California

Rev. Dr. Richard McCandless, Rector, St. Paul’s Church, Akron, Ohio

Rev. Mark Pruit, Rector, St. Paul’s Church, Akron, Ohio

Rev. Mike Belzman, Ph.D., CEO and Founder, Association of Christian Alcohol and Drug Counselors, Inc., Redlands, California

Mario Z., Los Angeles County, California

Joey Delgado, Los Angeles County, California

Rev. Ron Ross, North Carolina

Larry Webb, Orange County, California

Gina Bea, Radio Producer, Las Vegas, Nevada

Marcheta Scott, St. Paul’s Church, Akron, Ohio

Roger McD., Huntington Beach, California

David Roman, Cucina Roman Restaurants, Costa Mesa, California

Danny S., Costa Mesa, California

Greg Pope, Cornerstone Fellowship, Livermore, California

Dominic D., Cornerstone Fellowship, Livermore, California

David S., Golden Hills Community Church, Brentwood, California

Karl Kramer, Brentwood, California

John Sorrells, James Clubs, Norco, California

Berry Wild, Archivist, Idaho

Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Pittsburgh Experiment, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Calvary Episcopal Church, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Elsie Hillman, Pennsylvania

Leonard Firestone, California

Raymond Firestone, Ohio

Robert Koch, Ohio

Brinkley Smithers, New York

Bishop Robert Duncan, Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh

Karen Plavan, Ph.D., Professor, Penn State, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Oasis Center, Pennsylvania

Jean La Cour, Ph.D., President of ISAAC and of NET Training Institute, Daytona Beach, Florida

Paul Wood, Ph.D., President, National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence

Canon Sally Shoemaker Robinson, Maryland

Nickie Shoemaker Haggart, Florida

Mrs. W. Irving Harris, Widow of Dr. Sam Shoemaker’s Assistant Minister, Oxford Group, New Jersey

Steve and Sue Foreman, Came to Believe Retreats, Winter Park, Florida

Carol and Dale Morfitt, Came to Believe Retreats, Amery, Wisconsin

Thomas Page, Came to Believe Retreats, Jacksonville, Florida

T. Willard Hunter, Oxford Group, Claremont, California

George Vondermuhll, Jr., Oxford Group, Connecticut

L. Parks Shipley, Sr., Princeton, New Jersey

Richard Ruffin, Moral Re-Armament, Washington, D.C.

Judy S., New Jersey

Garth Lean, Oxford Group, London, England

Michael Hutchinson, Oxford Group, London, England

K.D. Belden, Oxford Group, London, England

James Draper Newton, Oxford Group, Ft. Myers Beach, Florida

Eleanor Forde Newton, Oxford Group, Ft. Myers Beach, Florida

Neal P., Texas

Russell S., Alive Again, Miami, Florida

Wally L., Vero Beach, Florida

Rock Recovery Ministries, Rock Church (David P.), San Diego, California

ABC Sober Living, San Diego, California

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