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Successful Tools for AA Truth Already in Use

Tools for Truth in A.A. Already Used with Success


Dick B.

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1.         Avoiding the trap of divisive condemnation by explaining biblical truths about man’s need for Jesus Christ, forgiveness for his sins, and the varied responsibilities involved:


(a)        The natural man – John 3:16, needs salvation, truth, everlasting life.

(b)        The carnal Christian who walks by the flesh – Romans 8 –  not walking by the spirit

(c)        The child of God sealed with that Holy Spirit of promise – but ever obliged to obey God, resist the devil, and put on the mind of Christ


2.         Openly rejecting idolatry – absurd names for a god, nonsensical descriptions of a “power,” unsupportable claims you can grow from devilish concepts to a relationship and fellowship with God, His Son, and other believers.


3.         Explaining in repeated short bursts:


(a) the Christian forebears of A.A.

(b) the Christian  upbringing of the A.A. Cofounders

(c) how the first three AAs  got sober

(d) the 7 point original Akron Group Number One program

(e) the 16 practices of the Akron Group Number One pioneers

(f) widespread testimony of cures and high success rates

(g) Evolution of Bill’s “new version of the program” from Silkworth, William James, Sam Shoemaker. See Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age, 144; The Language of the Heart, 298.

(h) Accurate summary of 8 Oxford Group points that underlie the Steps.

(i) The great compromise made in the Big Book printer’s manuscript by four people just before it went to publication.See Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age, 166-67.

(j) Wilson’s claim that this new “God” was “the great contribution of our atheists and agnostics,” Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age, 167


4.         Explaining to the newcomer precisely how to take the 12 Steps as laid out in the Big Book, And enhancing the process by holding tight, instructive, useful Beginners Meetings.


5.         Explaining to the newcomer precisely how to follow and apply today old school A.A.


6.         Explaining the tricky dangers of  listening to man-made slogans and myths, man-made religion, and purported information or advice beyond the knowledge, study, and ability of the speaker—whether as sponsor or as lead person at a meeting.


7.         Insisting that invited speakers cover three basic points:


(a) How and why they themselves quit permanently

(b) The role that God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible played in their getting well

(c) How they “worked” the Steps without compromising biblical truths.


8.         Explaining the biblical growth aspects of fellowship with God, Jesus, Believers:


(a) Bible

(b) Prayer

(c) Teachers

(d) Quiet Time

(e) Christian literature

(f) Fellowship with like-minded believers

(g) Religious support through church or fellowship or Bible group.

(h) Witnessing to others, God with them, to bring about their conversion and healing


9.         Explaining exactly how to work with a newcomer, the need for it, what to cover, what not to cover, and how to proceed.


10.       Distinguishing God, Creator, Maker, Father, Heavenly Father and Father of Lights from “Power” “God as we understood Him,” and “higher power.” And speak candidly about how the latter substitutes for God have led to proclamations that you can make the group, a door knob, a light bulb, Ralph, Gertrude, the Big Dipper, a radiator, a Coke Bottle and other absurd idolatrous idols your own “higher power.”


See Stick with the Winners!

See Pioneer Stories in Alcoholics Anonymous


(Both available in paperback and Kindle formats through


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