Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Reader's Comments on Dick B., AA, Bible, Power of God

RE: Dick B. Literature, A.A., the Bible, and the Power of God. A Reader’s Comment:


I am just in awe. I have been looking at all the info as I have before but I am even more inspired and excited. I go to about 5-6 AA meetings a week. I am careful of how I say things during a meeting but am not shy as expressing my stand on God. I am constantly getting more stronger at implementing the Bible message in meetings with the Power of the Holy Spirit. I have been humbled these past 3 years. As I didn't even want to go to AA in the beginning (bc I believe in Jesus Christ alone as Savior and was exposed to bible 12 step meetings I loved) I have now learned that it is the marketplace where the help is needed. I sponsor women in my church, women solely in AA, and even old coworkers that once wrote me off because I was too far gone. Oh! And today my very first sponsor who went back out called me and has some sober time and wants me to take her through the steps. Standing firm in Christ, He hasn't let me down. Even atheists are attracted to the Power and can't deny it. I often hand out your bible roots articles and email them. With my new sponsees, I always listen and see where they are to allow the Holy Spirit guide me in when and how to introduce God. The first Good Book/ Big Book I bought of yours, was left at a half ways house and everyone was jumping in to read it! [See The Good Book and The Big Book: A.A.’s Roots in the Bible www.dickb.com/goodbook.shtml].  I am grateful to have read your section on going about starting a legit meeting of AA roots and discussing the bible, I have thought about it but figured it could only be done separate from AA like a bible study. But it is very much AA and needs to be exposed to all the lost! I also don't want you to feel pressured bc I asked you to speak. I understand it may be impossible but it was laid on my heart to write you. It would be amazing to have you share though! I'd love to meet you even if I have to come to Hawaii myself, not a bad idea! D.C. Is about a 3 drive from me or a short flight. About me, I am a 32 year old divorced, remarried mother of 2. This year I intended to go back to college to seminary but was led toward Psychology and Christian Counseling. I am taking classes through Liberty University which is located in Lynchburg, Va. Everything is studied to gain knowledge on the secular view but held in the Light of the Bible. It's really opening my eyes to where others are. I love studying world views and religions and it is already helping me talk to others. I recently got back from Jerusalem and a friend in aa who grew up Jewish but now just claims a spiritual view asked to sit and talk with me about the Bible and what I believe as a Christian . Wow ! So not me an all God! She said that I don't judge and that attracted her to ask me because I walk my faith and share but don't criticize or judge others. I am married to a man I met in the program who is a Christian Scientist. By saying that, you know that as a Christian , his and my beliefs differ. Though there have been rough patches, we both have devoted our lives to helping others. This has stirred up something in us to get a meeting with the bible roots started. My husband’s friend who was an atheist is now going to my church, (my husband goes to a CS church)  reading the bible, and last night something came up where I was led to email him the 1 Corinthians 13 article you wrote. He started crying. The holy spirit is convicting him of all in his life that is not of God. He's been in and out of the rooms for years and never got the True message until now. This is an amazing life. I also just witnessed my brother getting sober and turning His life over to Jesus. I can’t  let any opportunity pass to share Jesus, even though my biggest fear to overcome was speaking in front of others and confrontation: you'd never know it now....well maybe a little but I don’t want to hold back anymore! I can feel god calling me to be His hands and feet. There’s so many that need Him and they all deserve the opportunity to hear the Word. I'd like to have a meeting with the Bible discussed alongside the big book and probably use your Good Book-Big Book to discuss. And learn about the real aa roots. I also want it to be open to everyone; I am gearing to get the newcomers right when they come in and want to reach them even if they are atheists. What do you suggest and is it possible to do something like this and be in the meeting list? Sorry I went on and on.... I am so excited and THANK YOU for responding so quickly! I was so happy to discover you emailed me back! It made my day! 

Saved by Grace

Romans 12:2


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