Friday, December 7, 2012

How - at no cost - to Become Listed in International Christian Recovery Coalition

Becoming Listed at No Cost as Participant In

International Christian Recovery Coalition


Dick B., Executive Director


Aloha! My dad (Dick B.— and I are in the process of updating the “Participants” page of the International Christian Recovery Coalition Web site. As you probably know, there is no charge involved for being a “Participant” in the International Christian Recovery Coalition. Our concept is to make it as easy as possible for Christian leaders and workers in the recovery arena, and those who want God’s help in overcoming alcoholism and/or addiction, to find those in their city, state, and/or country who could be of help.


If you are a Christian leader or worker in the recovery arena, please consider listing yourself, and/or or your Christian group, organization, or church on the “Participants” page. (If you are already listed on the “Participants” page, would you please take a few moments to review your current listing to make sure we have presented accurately as much or as little contact information as you would like to make available to the public?) Here are the key pieces of information to consider listing:


     Name of individual (and relevant titles):  _________________________________________


     Name of group, organization, or church: _________________________________________


     Mailing address: ____________________________________________________________


     Home/Work/Cell phone number(s): _____________________________________________


     Email address(es): ___________________________________________________________


     Web site URL address: _______________________________________________________


     B-R-I-E-F description of group’s Christian recovery focus: ___________________________


Thank you!


Dick B.’s son, Ken


Cell: 1-808-276-4945

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