Thursday, December 6, 2012

Coalition Speaker Dale Marsh Report on Northern California

Synopsis of Dale Marsh’s trip to the San Jose area in late November 2012


Darryl Pearson moves at 100 miles an hour; reading Dick B. book & enjoying


1.       Fri. night: Higher Power Celebration; Eddie G. (Steve Aurell incapacitated—Steve came). Gave testimony. Eddie wanted Dale back to do an A.A. history powerpoint.

2.       Sat. morning A.A. mtg.

3.       Sat. evening. 27-year A.A. birthday. Went to A.A. meeting to celebrate. Met others there who did Christian recovery.

4.       Sun. morn.: Dale preached at Darryl’s (recovery) Seven Trees Baptist church.

5.       Sun. night: Spoke at “Cura” recovery house in Fremont.

6.       Doug Nunes spoke on the phone but did not meet

7.       Mon. even.: Spoke at Don Zonic’s mtg. from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.


Doug Nunes and Don Zonic both want to get Christian Recovery leaders together. Had a Northern California organization of Christian recovery leaders. (All had dropped or avoided Celebrate Recovery for the same meetings.) Tended to feel alone.


A new group, “The Meeting” in Fair Oaks: One of Dale’s friends is on the leadership team



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