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A.A. Christian Origins - 3 books for you

Christian Origins of Alcoholics Anonymous


Dick B.

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Dick B. and Ken B. have prepared and published three recent, accurate, scholarly, and complete titles that detail the Christian origins of Alcoholics Anonymous. Those who continue to dispute the Christian origins, the Christian history, the Christian upbringing, the Christian successes in recovery of the first three AAs, and the details of the early A.A. Christian Fellowship founded in Akron in 1935 can readily be answered and quashed by the documented facts in these three books:


Dick B., Real Twelve Step Fellowship History: The Old School A.A. You May Not Know, 2006, ISBN 1-885803-87-7. See


Dick B., The Conversion of Bill W.: More on the Creator’s Role in Early A.A., 2006, ISBN 1-885803-90-7. See


Dick B. and Ken B., Dr. Bob of Alcoholics Anonymous: His Excellent Training in the Good Book as a Youngster in Vermont, 2008, ISBN 978-1885803-85-6. See


All three books are “musts” for those who want solid facts about the Christian organizations which preceded A.A., helped drunks get well, and fed basic ideas into the minds of A.A. cofounders. All three books are “musts” for those who want more solid facts on the immense amount of Bible study, prayer, church and Sunday school attendance, daily chapel attendance, conversions to God through Jesus Christ, family Christian training, and Young Men’s Christian Association activity of A.A.’s cofounders in their youth. All three books are “musts” for those who want solid facts about how the first three AAs—believers in God, Christians, and Bible students—got sober and cured before there was any A.A. or Big Book or Steps or Traditions.

All three books are “musts” for those who want to know exactly what the early Christian AAs did in their daily Christian fellowship program in Akron—actions that were characterized as “First Century Christianity” at work and paralleled the acts of the Apostles in the book of Acts.


Gloria Deo


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