Saturday, October 6, 2012

Our Congratulations to Rev. Dale Marsh on Recent Article about His Recovery Leadership

Our letter was written to the newspaper commending them for  the article as follows:

"This is a well-deserved and excellent article on the status and Christian recovery leadership of Pastor Dale Marsh. For the last three years, Dale has been a fireball for Intenational Christian Recovery Coalition. We were recommended to him by two dynamite Christian Recovery leaders in Southern California--David P. of the huge Rock Recovery Ministries of Rock Church in San Diego; and Randy Moraitis, Executive Recovery Pastor at the large Crossing Church in Costa Mesa. Our focus at the beginning of our work as described in was on Southern California because there was dynamic interest and effort there to define the role that God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible played and can play  in recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction, and other life-controlling problems of those who want God's help. Then, along came Dale. He galvanized the interest of the church community, the 12-Step community, and the recovery community in Northern California from his Oroville base, but he quickly began finding other Christian recovery leaders in the San Francisco Bay Area and in such Northern California spots as Sacramento. Today, he and recovery leaders and pastors are working together in Livermore, Antioch, San Jose, Los Gatos, Foster City, and other areas. Our Coalition is delighted with Christian recovery efforts spearheaded by Dale Marsh--who is also a member of our Speakers Bureau. Thanks again for your article. In His Service, Dick B. (pen name), Executive Director of Internat ional Christian Recovery Coaliition and author of 46 books and over 1250 articles on Alcoholics Anonmous History, the Christian Recovery Movement, and the application today.; Our Coalition it self now has participating leaders and workers in almost every State and in several other countries."

The newspaper article appearing in Oroville, California is as follows:

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