Tuesday, October 9, 2012

November AA History Workshops, Meetings, Conferences in CA, OH, and FL

A Preview of our Cleveland A.A. History Workshop Resources


Dick B.


1.     The good news about Cleveland A.A. History resources arrived today       with Ken’s successful discussion with the archivist at Cleveland. The man is also archivist for the State of Ohio A.A. And he has graciously agreed to make all of the archives available for our team. He also has a disk of all copies of the Cleveland Central Bulletin.  Therefore, we will not only have access to the materials; but we will have this man to facilitate the searches, show us the Abby G. Home where so many of the Cleveland activities began. He may also be able to show us the Clarence Snyder home there that Clarence shared with his first wife Dorothy. This resource is like a gold mine because of the time it will save, and the guidance it will provide.


2.     Shortly, we will be sending again a list of the important books on Cleveland and Clarence that you may want to bring or review.


3.     Jim H. will again be at the workshops to take photos of everything that moves and of documents , pictures, team members, and all  the rest.


4.     Greg M. is an Akron AA oldtimer who will be bringing material from there including the original Akron AA pamphlets which belonged to his grandfather.


5.     We have asked all of our Vermont team members to join us again or, if they can’t join us, to help with the funding of this $6000. Trip – as most of them

Did on the Vermont activities.


6.     As we’ve said, the Embassy Suites are right next door to the Intergroup Office in Cleveland; and that too will be a blessing.


7.     As you know, we will be doing workshops with Christian leaders in the San Jose Area both before and after the Cleveland trip; and we will go from Cleveland to Orlando to participate in the Came to Believe Retreats at Leesburg, Florida. We will have time at Steve’s home to meet personally with those who want to do so over the Florida period.


Good hunting. Please join us. And all to the glory of God.



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