Wednesday, August 8, 2012

November, FL: Dick B. and Ken B. will Speak at Came to Believe Retreat

November “Came to Believe” Retreat in Central Florida

We will be speaking there. Y’all come!

Dick B.

Ken and I have been invited to make a presentation at one of the great Clarence Snyder retreats. This one is led by Steve and Sue F. of Altamonte Springs.

And we have just interviewed Steve on our Christian Recovery Radio show. Hear the interview on It’s all about Alcoholics Anonymous History, the program Clarence Snyder developed under tutelage of Alcoholics Anonymous Cofounder Dr. Bob (Clarence’s sponsor). Steve did a wonderful job of succinctly giving the whole Snyder—retreat—AA—Jesus Christ picture. Be sure to listen in. These interviews are archived and can be heard any time.

The Came to Believe retreat will be held on November 9, 10, and 11, 2012.

No sooner had we accepted Steve’s invitation today than we received from Steve the following letter from one of those blessed by a previous retreat, and accurately reporting on the contents and rewards of the Came to Believe retreats. Check it out!


“Hello Steve,

                    There are many retreats for AA being held around the Milwaukee area and I have thought that "I should go to one of those some time." Last year I saw a flyer for the Came to Believe retreat in Camp Lake and I was drawn to it, but for some reason I don't remember, I couldn't attend last year. So when I saw the flyer for this year I was inspired to attend. I called up two of my closest friends (John T. & Mike S.) to tell them about the retreat and they immediately said they wanted to go.


We really didn't know what to expect from this retreat, but I do know that we looked forward to it with great anticipation. It was already and inspirational event and we hadn't even arrived yet. Well the weekend came and we showed up and it was an awesome experience for us all.

John had been looking for more connectedness between Jesus Christ and AA and he was the first to be comforted and embraced by the Holy Spirit. Mike is more reserved and I wasn't sure how he was impacted by the retreat, but as time went on it was obvious that he was on a deeper Spiritual journey.

I left the retreat feeling very good about the whole experience and still letting everything sink in. By the time I got home and unpacked I felt a calling to find my Bible, one which I bought ten years prior and had never read. I started to read James and Mathew and a few of the other suggested passages.

I continue to read the Bible daily and feel a real calling to read and hear God's Word. I have been drawn to people who need or want to hear more about Jesus saving Grace and have been in some wonderful conversations. The retreat was truly a life changing experience for myself, my friends and also those closest to us.

God Bless you and Sue and all the rest of the Came to Believe group for carrying on this wonderful retreat.

Have a Blessed day, Paul L.”


Dickb;; Kihei, Maui, Hawaii

Gloria Deo

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