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AA History: The New Era - a "Must Hear" Radio Show

A.A. History – The New Era

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Dick B.

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You may listen to Dick B. discuss the second of his two new books being released in August 2012 on the August 31, 2012, episode of the "Christian Recovery Radio with Dick B." show here:


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The Title of This Latest New Book by Dick B. and Ken B.


Bill W. and Dr. Bob, the Green Mountain Men of Vermont

The Roots of Early A.A.’s Original Program




The Transition of A.A. History to This New Era

The Substantial, Supportive Commonality of the Christian Upbringing of Bill W. and Dr. Bob


1.      Twenty-two years of research, travel, interviews, reading, visits to libraries and archives, and analysis of the long-missing parts of Alcoholics Anonymous History

2.      The Conference in May, 2009 in Irvine, California where the hunger of Christian recovery leaders, workers, and newcomers for knowledge of A.A.’s Christian roots became a pressing issue; and it fostered the International Christian Recovery  Coalition

3.      The ensuing three years when the new Christian Recovery Movement became a worldwide endeavor to restore the  power and love  of God and His Son Jesus Christ, and the truth of the Bible  to actual fellowships, programs, meetings, resource centers, and media outlets.

4.      Our new conviction that a new era of A.A. History has begun. It  is the era of investigating, documenting, and reporting the commonality of, and applicability of, the First Century Christian Fellowship principles and practices abounding in Vermont, absorbed in the Christian upbringing of Bill Wilson, Dr. Bob Smith, and Ebby Thacher in their Vermont days


Substance of the Radio Show You Will Want to Hear Free, Learn, and Download


In our second special “Christian Recovery Radio with Dick B.” show, we highlighted our latest book, Bill W. and Dr. Bob, the Green Mountain Men of Vermont: The Roots of Early A.A.’s Original Program.


This special show is presented on the eve of our 10-day trip to Vermont where we will conduct A.A. history workshops in Burlington, St. Johnsbury, Northfield, Manchester, and East Dorset, Vermont. Places where one can find the real evidence of the Christian upbringings of three key figures in early A.A: (1) A.A. cofounder Bill Wilson; (2) A.A. cofounder Dr. Bob Smith; and (3) the man that Bill Wilson called his sponsor, Ebby Thacher.


We  presented a brief overview of the 13 chapters in our new book by highlighting five important topics covered in the book: (1) The long-overdue return to A.A.’s Vermont roots and the trails that led us there. (2) What was going on with Bill Wilson, his friend Ebby, Rowland Hazard, Shep Cornell, and Cebra Graves at East Dorset, Manchester, Burr and Burton Academy, and other Vermont locations. (3) St. Johnsbury individuals, organizations, and institutions that directly impacted Dr. Bob’s ideas. (4) How these happenings relate to A.A.’s “original program.” (5) How the detailed facts presented in our book can help others today.



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