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Recovery Coalition Conference May 18-19 Orange County, CA

What We Will Do at the International Christian Recovery Conference

May 18-19, His Place Church, Westminster, California

Dick B.

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As previously written, Ken and I are hard at work on two major projects—in addition to organizing and preparing for the International Christian Recovery Conference in May. The first project involves a thoroughly updated Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide, 4th ed., 2012. The second is our new Guide on How To Conduct “Old School” Christian Recovery Meetings Using Conference-approved Literature.

See You in Maui?

Between now and conference time in May, we are already scheduled to meet with two stalwart Christian recovery leaders on Maui in a form of workshop where we can present our updated materials for discussion, suggestions, and teaching.

Right now, the whales are jumping. And maybe even that is a potential attraction.

If you would like to join us for this special brainstorming period, please let us know; and we will see how, where, and when to review our materials right here on the Islands—preferably at the International Christian Recovery Coalition office at the Salvation Army in Kihei, Maui, HI.

The Two-Day Conference at a Glance

At the conference in May, on Friday, the 18th and Saturday, the 19th at His Place Church in Westminster, we expect to emphasize the Christian Recovery Guide and “Old School” Guide  features both at the Friday evening workshop and also in the presentations during the next day, Saturday.

We find that more and more folks in NA, AA, Counseling, Recovery Programs, and Recovery Fellowships  are turning to Christian Fellowships that are A.A. Friendly, History Friendly, Bible Friendly, Recovery Friendly, and just plain Friendly Friendly.

But many don’t know where to start, how to start, how to organize, how to proceed, how to lead, how to teach, what resources to acquire and use, and how to bear fruit to the end of glorifying God and His Son Jesus Christ and insuring the opportunity for a happy, healthy, long-term sobriety. They also seem lost when it comes to doing all of this within the framework of A.A. literature, A.A. listings, the A.A. fellowship and its meetings, and A.A.’s trusted servants.

You will be hearing from speakers and sharing your own experience on exactly how this is being done right now by participants in International Christian Recovery Coalition

Also, how you can get started and have specific guidance.

Friday Evening, May 18th

Friday, May 18 beginning at 6:00 PM, there will be music, hospitality, registration, prayer, welcome.

Then, Focus One with Dick B. and Ken B.

Next, Focus Two when Dick B. and Ken B. will elaborate on points made during Focus One; and

Focus Three when Dick B. and Ken B. will receive and respond to godly questions and suggestions from the audience through the use of an “askit-basket.”

This evening offers a real opportunity for leaders to share how they are implementing their Christian Recovery Movement programs right now. Others can pose questions, make comments, and offer suggestions.

Saturday, May 19th

Saturday, May 19 beginning with doors opening at 9:00 AM. Conference begins at 9:30 A.M.

I sincerely hope you can make it to the conference.

In summary, there will be hospitality, registration, prayer, welcome, and introductory remarks. There will be exhibit tables as at other conferences. And then:

Two excellent featured speakers—one of whom will be attorney Russell Spatz from Miami, Florida, and the other soon to be announced.

Dick B. and Ken B. will then review the two major subjects—The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide, 4th ed, and The How To Conduct “Old School” Meetings Guide.


Christian recovery leaders, with long term recovery, speaking experience, and leadership experience--Gary Martin and Roger McDiarmid--will explain how their respective Christian fellowship meetings are conducting regular “old school” Christian Fellowship meetings with the Bible and the Big Book as the major texts.

Ken and Dick B. will close the meeting.

Closing Prayer.

Some Personal Meetings Will Be Available if You Contact Us in Advance

 We will be in the area for a week and have time for personal meetings. Contact Ken B. at 808 276 4945 to arrange appointments. Keep us posted.

Gloria Deo

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