Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dover Publications Reprint and Introduction to Big Book 1st Edition

A reader of the Dover Publications Reprint of the 1st Edition of A.A.'s Big Book - and of Dick B.'s Introduction

By Truth Revealed from Smithtown, Long Island, New York on2/16/2012

I have read 93% of Dick B.'s books. I have met him a number of times at conferences in So. Cal. My search for the understanding of who or what [God] co-founder Bill Wilson was referring to in the Big Book was cleared up after reading a number of Dick's books. I had to do the foot work now[after 20 years of uncertainty of my belief in step 2 and 3] to get up to speed with the original [roots] of AA [1935].The Big Book explains the alcoholic well. The Big Books description of God is where Dick B. details the thoughts, compromises and changes that happen when one follows the non-sense gods that Bill Wilson offer's to his reader as substitutes for the God of the Bible [ God of the Bible was used exclusively from 1935-1939 before the 1st edition of the Big Book was published]. Having seen Dick B's introduction, I thought back to the day I met him on Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, Ca. I think of the new power that flows through me now that I use the original 1935-39 belief contrasted with the uncertainty of Bill Wilson's choice of gods. If you have christian roots, Dick B. leaves no doubt whatsoever Who the God is of the 1st 4 years of Alcoholics Anonymous existence.

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