Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Opportunities to Meet with You In May in Orange County

International Christian Recovery Coalition will hold its large North American Conference at His Place Church in Westminster (Orange County) California Friday evening May 18 and all day Saturday May 19. During this end-of-the conference period, my son Ken and I will be staying at the Mariott Hotel in Costa Mesa. Earlier, between May 14 and 17, we will be staying at a  private home in the area.
As we always try to do on these visits to Southern California, we try to meet with two or three individuals to get to know them better, to hear their suggestions and comments, and to plan further outreach to those who train or want to be trained in old school A.A. -- the original Christian Fellowship founded in Akron in 1935.
This visit, and also at the Conference, our main focus will be on helping those individuals and groups who want to conduct old school meetings and study groups, with our new guidebook and films, and have been asking how to organize the groups and meetings, what the format can be, what the topics can be, and what resources will bless those attending.
If you or your friends would like to meet with us individually during this period, please contact Ken at 808 276 4945 in the next few weeks, and also while we are in Southern California for the conferences to see if a personal meeting can be arranged at a mutually convenient time. We would welcome your communications.
God Bless, Dick B.,;;
808 874 4876 or 808 276 4945

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