Monday, February 20, 2012

Draft Table of Contents for forthcoming 4th ed, Christian Recovery Guide

Draft Table of Contents


The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide, 4th ed.

Soon to Be Released

Introduction 1-9

1.      Elements of Christian Recovery the Old School Way 10-17

2.      Lessons from the First Three AAs and Their New Program 15-16

3.      The Key to Christian Recovery in 12 Step Groups Today 17-22

4.      Miraculous Healings That Long Ago Paved the Way 23-27

5.      Effective Christian Work with Alcoholics  Prior to A.A. 28-57

YMCA-Rescue Missions-Evangelists-Salvation Army  - United Christian

Endeavor-Salvation Army-Rev. Sam Shoemaker

6.      The Background Factors in Dr. Bob’s Christian Upbringing 59-63

7.      The Background Factors in Bill W.’s Christian Upbringing 65-66

8.      The Akron Genesis of Alcoholics Anonymous 67-69

9.      The New York Origins 70-81

10.  The Akron Crucible 81-85

11.  The Original Old School Akron A.A. Christian Fellowship Program 86-88

12.  The 16 Practices of the Akron Pioneers in Old School AA 89-97

13.  Key Alterations in 1939 of the Original A. A. Program 98-112

14.  The Verified Successes of the Original Program 113-121

15.  Successes of the First Forty 122-132

16.  A New Set of Tools for the Newcomer 134-145

17.  Suggestions for Arming the Newcomer for What’s Coming 146-150

18.  Helping a Christian to Begin Recovery Today 151-153

19.  How Should Christian Recovery Begin Today 154-163

20.  Much Needed Training Approaches for Christians in Recovery Today 164-167

21.  A New Way Out 168-190

22.  Emerging Proposals from Christian leaders and conferences 191-194

Conclusion 195 to end

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