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Today's Chrstian Recovery Radio Interview of Sandy R. of Rhode Island

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Sandy R. on the Sunday, September 22, 2013, episode of the "Christian Recovery Radio with Dick B." show


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Interview of Sandy R. of Rhode Island


This is our first interview in a number of days and follows our lengthy International Alcoholics Anonymous History Conference and meetings in Portland Maine, St. Johnsbury Vermont, and South San Francisco. But it introduces the first of several new points of emphasis in the Christian recovery arena. For one thing, our speaker is one of several women Christian recovery leaders who will be sharing in the days to come. For another, it suggests the growing interest in healing by the power of God by people suffering from a variety of addictive problems other than alcohol and drugs. For still another, it highlights a trend of larger conferences that then split up into small groups that focus on particular areas of suffering--whether alcoholism, codependency, sexual problems, family difficulties, and items such as gambling, debt, and smoking. I mention all this because our guest is a very special one who will tell us about her bringing a large group of women and friends to our conference--a group consisting largely of those with overeating problems. They too look to the power and love of God for victory. She brought her entourage from Rhode Island and has supported our Christian recovery history emphasis for quite some time. She will give us a unique perspective on her own life, her Christian faith in help from God, her recognition of the 12 Step programs, and her evangelistic zeal. She is Sandy R., and now we will let her tell you her story.

Synopsis of Talk


1.      Sandy brought 11 women from her group in Rhode Island to participate in our Maine conference.


2.      She has formed an overeaters group called “That Power Which Is God.”


3.      She is convinced that the Big Book and cofounders promised, and she has experienced, permanent cure—which in her case is her dependency on food.


4.      Her real deliverance began when she cried out to God for help, said she was tired of suffering from the inferiority and misery she had felt.


5.      Sandy has a bachelor’s in nursing and places strong emphasis on the power and love of God in overcoming any kind of addictive behavior. And when she sought Him, she was surrounded by a white light and sensed the presence of God and heard a voice tell her that He wanted to be the God of every area in her life.


6.      Sandy pays due deference to working the 12 Steps, studying the Big Book, getting a sponsor, going to meetings, and getting a “new Director” – which is God.


7.      Her wish for the women who attend her little Rhode Island women’s group is that they be free and permanently cured by Jesus Christ—just as the first three AAs were of their alcoholism. She also wishes her group to be listed with Overeaters Anonymous.


8.      Sandy is a vigorous supporter of Christian recovery, of the belief that only God could have healed her, and that working with others is an emphasis which is not to be forgotten.


9.      Her talk was a classic of what stories should be today—recitals about the problem, seeking God’s help, believing He can and will deliver when sought, that the A.A. 12 Step program has a universal support aim, but that Christian recovery is the one dependable goal.



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