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Dr. Robb H. Interviewed on Christian Recovery Radio by AA author Dick B. on New Discoveries about Relapse Prevention

Dick B. interviews Robb H., M.D., on the Tuesday, September 24, 2013, episode of the "Christian Recovery Radio with Dick B." show





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Today's guest is Robb Hicks. M.D. Robb is a neuro-scientist, specialist in treating impaired professionals with various addictive problems, and a particular emphasis on preventing the relapses that so often follow the treatment of these individuals. We have been in communication with Dr. Hicks for a number of months now. He just spent a week with us on Maui, telling us what he knows in his area of expertise and soaking up as much information as possible about the history, Christian backdrop, hands-on 12 Step work with alcoholics and addicts, and A.A. techniques for working with them. Following his visit with us on Maui, Dr. Hicks came to the very recent First International Alcoholics Anonymous History Conference in Portland, Maine. He there spoke to the participants on his specialty and continued to soak up the practical aspects of A.A. recovery he found there. Dr. Hicks also joined us in an intense visit to the heartland of Alcoholics Anonymous spirituality--the boyhood home and training of A.A. cofounder Dr. Robert H. Smith. Robb was with us almost every moment of our many meetings in St. Johnsbury. And now he will tell you about his own background, work, practice, interests, and plans for the future. Take it away Robb




Synopsis of and Commentary on the Interview of Dr. Hicks


Dr. Hicks has become a valued member of the International Christian Recovery Coalition team, He is one who brings medical expertise to the fore, who is jumping at the opportunity to help others overcome and avoid relapse from alcoholism and many addictive problems, and whose immediate focus and work is in a field peopled with those in difficulty who can be rescued and restored to their previous effective and respected callings.


The field is or certainly can be assisting impaired professionals and other skilled people—doctors, lawyers, judges, clergy, first responders, dentists, pharmacists, artists, athletes, actors, entertainers, producers, authors, and countless other formerly talented and accomplished individuals. These individuals have sometimes lost everything. More often, they are despondent and depressed with the thoughts that they have lost or will forever lose their reputations and employment. They are stymied into inaction by the supposed unbearable weight of their difficulties. And most are much inclined to hide in the bushes in shame, guilt, and remorse, thinking suicidal thoughts or seeking isolation from the world at large.


The vision that we have seen developing with our friend Dr. Robb Hicks is one of emphasizing several key tools: (1) Establishing and relying on a relationship with God as quickly as possible much as A.A.’s Big Book suggests on page 29 of its fourth edition. (2) Focusing a maimed and suffering person on accountability, the support and service opportunities of organizations like A.A., and what Robb calls “intentional sobriety.” (3) Challenging the afflicted to the needed service to and glorification of God and service and help for others right in the fellowship to which the suffering have turned and yet often flee, leave, or visit without the fervent sacrifice and service which characterized and galvanized the successes of the early AAs in Akron and later in Cleveland.


This, in part, was my story. One where I lacked the initial assistance covered here; and I believe many will want to listen to this doctor and receive the inspiration his path is offering right now.


Gloria Deo

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