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"Higher Power" by Douglas Himes,Ph.D. - A Featured Title at The First International A.A. History Conference







September 1, 2013: Special feature at The First International Alcoholics Anonymous History Conference, September 6-7, 2013, in Portland, Maine:


Higher Power: Seeking God in 12-Step Recovery by Douglas D Himes, Ph.D.

(Nashville, TN: Abingdon Press, 2012)



Dear Colleagues, Friends, Recovery Leaders, and Conference Participants:


In celebration of “The First International Alcoholics Anonymous History Conference,” September 6-7, 2013, in Portland, Maine, it is my pleasure to participate in sending or making available to you at our conference the title, Higher Power: Seeking God in 12-Step Recovery (Abingdon Press). It is provided to you with the compliments of its author Douglas D. Himes, Ph.D., and his publisher, Abingdon Press. A limited stack of these books will also be at the Portland, Conference, free for the taking, first come first served.


You may wonder how it is that Dick B. is presenting a book named “Higher Power.” But you will notice its author is a Christian who refers to a higher power in terms of “Seeking God in 12-Step Recovery.”


Reconnecting with the Christian roots of Alcoholics Anonymous, Dr. Himes’s Higher Power combines classic biblical teaching, spiritual formation, and contemporary 12-Step practice. This “Higher Power” title may help you and others place the idea of an “higher power” in an appropriate setting today, instead of using the phrase to substitute self-made religion for our Creator. Higher Power is an excellent resource for anyone in recovery seeking to develop a personal relationship with a loving and merciful God.


“Dr. Himes knows his Bible. He knows his Big Book. And he knows a multitude of quotations relevant to the way out. Here is an extremely well written, scholarly formula for renewal. I loved reading it. And so will you.”


--Dick B., author of 46 books and more than 1,500 articles on AA history and Christian recovery; A.A. historian, Retired attorney; Bible student; Recovered A.A. member..


[Douglas D. Himes, Ph.D., is a trained spiritual director and sought-after retreat and workshop leader who provides spiritual counsel at Cumberland Heights, one of the country’s leading alcohol and drug treatment centers, in Nashville, Tennessee. A former Fulbright Scholar and Andrew W. Mellon Fellow, he has degrees in physics and historical musicology.

He can be contacted at 217 Aspenwood Lane, Nashville, TN 37221-1132; (615) 646 0143;



Dick B., Kihei, Maui, Hawaii, September, 2013

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