Saturday, March 10, 2012

Stick with the Winners in Recovery

Brainstorming and Hearing Your Needs and Approaches


Old School 12 Step Christian Recovery Meetings

[the Stick with the Winners Class]

Dick B.

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Here are some heads-up pieces of information useful to hearing YOUR needs and Workshops.

·         Organizing, establishing, and formatting an old school A.A. Christian Fellowship Group

1.      Organizational meeting to select group name, place, time, purpose, preamble, literature needs and location, listing, format, first secretary.

2.      Turning to God and seeking His help and wisdom in holding and adopting

A written “group conscience” with minutes of the decisions, and covering

The foregoing and any other needed points.

3.      Calling Ken and me as content providers; acquiring How to Conduct “Old-School12 Step Recovery Meetings Using Conference-approved Literature: A Dick B. Guide for Christian Leaders and Workers in the Recovery Arena (Available now for a short while on the center page of the website as a $9.95 download); and acquiring the Stick with the Winners class (soon to be available on the DickB. website pages).

·         A letter just sent to a long-time “winner” Christian recovery leader, who founded some James Club, and is coming to Maui soon.

1.       Thanks so much for the rapid reply.

2.       We know tons about Maui because we’ve lived here for 22 years, and have been coming here with our family for long stays since 1968.

3.       Thanks for the clues as to your knowledge and your possible budget.

4.       First, the Sheraton is beautiful, even more expensive than ever, and far far removed from the rest of the Island. Good place to visit, even swim, stay, and eat, but not to stay at the center.

5.       Second, there are lots of expensive hotels up there in Lahaina area and also down here in Kihei-Wailea.

6.       Kihei is where we live. Best beaches. Less humidity by far. Seldom rains. Beautiful sunsets. 30 minutes from the Airport.  40 minutes from Lahaina. As near as you can get to the Crater and to the Iao Needle. And still well situated to see and sup at the big hotels in Wailea and Kaanapali- Lahaina. Hana is perhaps an hour and a half ride on tortuous roads, and often ignored – though attractive.

7.       Helicopter rides. Rodeos. Bike down the mountain. Scuba. Trips to Lanai with flying fish and turles. Windsurfing about 40 minutes away at Hookipa, Surfing everywhere. Movies. Inexpensive shopping center 30 minutes away. How good can it get!

8.       John, I’m delighted to see the James Club still alive, and I hope we can get you enthused over our old school guidebook, meetings, and classes. That’s our focus.

9.       I hope you can and will participate in one of our workshop-conferences in the SF Bay Area. Or Orange County at His Place Church and possibly Mariners.

10.   Where do you stay? Days Inn (also Maui Oceanfront). 2980 South Kihei Road. Very very close to us and to the ocean. Very reasonable. And grocery stores accessible too.

11.   We are working up our guide books and doing class films right now. We welcome visitors and ideas and support as well as resources such as old or new copies of DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers, The Co-Founders of Alcoholics Anonymous (Pamphlet P-53), and A.A. Comes of Age as well as extra copies of  the3rd or  4th editions of the Big Book.

12.   We are urging the formation of area community collaboration efforts where leaders like you arrange with other churches, fellowships,  12 Step groups, etc. to hold history-Bible oriented-Big Book meetings on alternative nights so that new people get more than one shot a week.

Please send us your phone number ASAP. Thanks again.

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