Friday, March 2, 2012

Northern Cal Workshops March 28-April 1st Being Set and Confirmed

We [Dick B. and Ken B.] will be flying from Maui to the San Francisco Bay Area March 28 for a series of very new, very differnt workshop meetings tailored to the programs of our host groups.

(1) Thursday, March 29, we will be hosted by the Cornerstone Fellowship - Livermore Campus, Livermore, California. They have a regular Big Book/Bible Study meeting; and we will be there to listen to, talk about, and help them incorporate our old school A.A. project in their New Hope Ministries, Turning Point Group. We have been there before. The leaders have always turned out a good audience with lots of interest.

(2) Friday, March 30, we will be hosted by Golden Hills Community Church, New Hope Ministries, Brentwood, California. We have also been there before with same results. Again the focus will be a teaching-workshop where we listen, learn, suggest, and help.

(3) We hope also to touch bases in Livermore and Brentwood and San Jose Area with Christian Recovery Fellowship leaders from Oroville and that area, Foster City, Los Gatos, and others who have been in touch with us or with our International Christian Recovery Coalition leader and speaker Dale Marsh, Serenity Pastor, leader of Serenity Group, Oroville Church of the Nazarene.

(4) CityTeam International, headquartered in San Jose, California, has long worked with us and hosted events. They have a new "international" name, are reaching out globally to the "lost," and are particularly interested in a Nicaragua effort. We hope to be in dialogue with President Pat Robertson, Vice President Mike Pounds, and Training Leader Wade Hess.

These events are open to the public and for godly discourse. They will be much more in the nature of training, formatting, teachings meeting plans, and formats than our past, frequent, International Christian Recovery Coalition conferences in Oahu, Northern California, Orange County, and San Diego.

We particularly want working groups who involve leaders, workers, and newcomers who can network and collaborate with each other in the meeting areas, across the United States and Canada, and in the other countries participating in

Please contact Ken at 808 276 4945, or Dick at for any initial contact and preliminary information; and we will be issuing specific program details as time goes on. This isall part of the "Blooming, Booming Responses and Explanded Plans of the Christian Recovery Movement" of which we just wrote. It will have at its base the new Guide "How to Conduct "Old School" 12 Step Recovery Meetings Using Conference-approved Literature: A Dick B. Guide for Christian Leaders and Workers in the Recovery Arena." For an inexpensive ($9.95) prepublication download of this guide, go to the center column of the website.

God Bless, Dick B.
Executive Director, International Christian Recovery Coalition

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