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The Life House, Inc. in West Virginia and Its Fast Growing Group of Christian Residential Recovery Homes

The Life House, Inc. of Huntington, West Virginia

A Rocketing Growth of Christian Recovery Residential Homes

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Attn.: Rocky Meadows

PO Box 503

Huntington, WV 25701

Cell: 1-304-416-5000

Raymond "Rocky" Meadows





Since the founding of International Christian Recovery Coalition in Orange County, California, beginning with May, 2009, participants have been listing themselves as Christian Recovery leaders, workers, and participants who constitute an informal world-wide fellowship disseminating the role that God, His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Bible have played in burgeoning movement to make Christian recovery from alcoholism and addiction available to those who want God’s help. The Coalition now has participants in 50 states and many countries elsewhere.

Our latest effort has been to locate and describe Christian Residential Recovery facilities and programs that our emails, phone calls, and messages tell us are so much in demand.

The Life House has grown from one to eight homes like a lightening flash. And if offers, church services, 12-Step training, Christian Fellowship, Bible study, and prayers for both men and women residents.


The Lifehouse is a therapeutic community organization located in Huntington, WV. The Lifehouse is a non-profit organization created to help men and women recover from alcoholism and substance abuse. The homes associated with The Lifehouse solely exist to help men and women in West Virginia continue their journeys of sobriety with the adequate support and services to implement the life stability that is required for continual substance abuse recovery.

The first facility of The Lifehouse opened in January 2012 by Raymond "Rocky" Meadows. Mr. Meadows acted upon his desire to see a new sober living option for men and women  in Huntington, WV that have recently hit the lowest points of their lives. These men and women have made the decision to overcome an addiction, are starting their lives over after  completing a substance abuse program or after incarceration due to criminal behaviors related to drugs and/or alcohol.

Mr. Meadow's passion to begin this exciting new program was birthed through his own triumph over addictions and the impact that a relationship with Jesus Christ made in his recovery. Mr. Meadows offers a hands-on approach to the men that live at The Lifehouse. He is able to stand before each participant and show, through his own life, that a better life is available after one has allowed drugs and alcohol to tear them apart. He is able to influence the men from a position of example instead of a new rule enforcer. Mr. Meadows himself struggled with addictions for 24 years.

It was after his last period of incarceration that he was able to begin his own journey of sobriety. After re-entering society Mr. Meadows committed himself to never look back and to help others accomplish similar personal victories. During his recovery process, which began in 2008, Mr. Meadows has worked at a local recovery program, became a Men's Chaplain, completed a course in Pastoral Counseling,(ACPE) and achieved his  Degree from Mountwest Community and Technical College (emphasis in pastoral care). He credits his continued success to God, the support that has been available to him through local Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous programs, friends and family, and the availability of sober living facilities.

Our viewers will learn, facility by facility, home by home, and program by program some important details about Christian programs and  facilities already operating across the United States and elsewhere.


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