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Heather Layne, Christian Recovery Artist and Published Songwriter Interviewed on Christian Recovery Radio Today

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Heather Layne on the July 18, 2014, episode of the "Christian Recovery Radio with Dick B." show



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Highlights of the Interview


Our guest, Heather Layne, is a Nashville Christian Country Recording Artist and Published Song-writer. Her voice and songs can be heard on Country Music Radio in the United States and overseas. Heather was invited to perform on world stages including the 2010 Alcoholics Anonymous World Convention in San Antonio, Texas, with over 60,000 people.


Heather had her dark days of abuse and relationship difficulties. But she was invited to join a 12-Step Group where she realized God loved her, would help her, and had a plan for her life. She particularly grew in Bible study as she sought to understand God better and discern His will for her service. Today her music is available at; and she can be contacted through


Heather had always loved singing. But the leader of her 12-step recovery group asked her to share one of the new songs she had recently started writing. Scared beyond words, she sang her heart out one night in front of about 150 people. She became the Music Leader at that 12-Step group in Central California; and her dream to sing and play guitar became a reality. She believes God was restoring what she was meant to be and realized she was born to do that work.


Heather has been playing and singing at 12-step recovery programs like Celebrate Recovery, rescue missions, Teen Challenge events, fairs, women’s events, and churches since 2001. She is a very inspired and talented musical entertainer in the recovery arena.


As we have organized, led, and conducted Christian recovery conferences in various parts of the United States, we have often been blessed to have the talented percussionist Walter Santos bring his music and move audiences to ecstatic enjoyment as he sang doo-wap, Gospel Songs, and innovated music about the conferences, the speakers, and the importance of Jesus Christ.


And this caused us to see that a very important part of recovery can be found through music and from the talents of singers like Santos and now Heather Layne.


Many years back, in Wisconsin, I attended and spoke at a recovery meeting with Grace Snyder, widow of oldtimer Clarence Snyder. And the thing that caught my attention was the music that preceded the meeting and then the singing of a talented women that put a whole light into the event. I never forgot the result. And, on several recent occasions, we have heard the famous Harmonica Hall of Fame entertainer Darrell Mansfield as he performed with his little combos, used harmonica after harmonica, and treated recovered and recovering Christian audiences to contemporary and gospel music.


The joy of having Heather as a guest today came largely from the fact that I realized that talented, professional singers like Heather, the woman performer in Wisconsin, Santos as he travels around the country, and Darrell Mansfield and his concerts can bring one of the many joys of participating in Christian recovery groups, 12-Step events, and conferences.



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