Saturday, March 8, 2014

Christian Coalition Participant Carl Tuchy Palmieri's Latest Reprint of Books Related to A.A. History

Carl "Tuchy" Palmieri is a recovered, retired, author and publisher who lives in Connecticut. He is also a participant in the International Christian Recovery Coalition. He came to St. Johnsbury, Vermont--the village where Dr. Bob was born and raised--when our research team made its third investigative trip there. He was present at the dedication of the Dr. Bob Core Library at North Congregational Church of St. Johnsbury and donated to the Dr. Bob Core Library a number of the reprinted books  published by his Healing Habits.

The authors whose books have been reprinted and made available to the recovery community are Cecil Rose, Samuel Shoemaker, Harold Begbie, Richard Peabody, Ed Webster, A. J. Russell, Stephen Foote, Olive Jones, and Charles Clapp. And these names are known by many a researcher.

Those of us who were seeking such books while researching and reporting Alcoholics Anonymous History several decades ago found many of the important historically important books very difficult to find, costly to acquire, and often little known to the recovery community. And Tuchy's work has been a blessing to those authors basing their historical writings in substantial part on facts, documents, and books.

TODAY BROUGHT  TUCHY'S LATEST BOOK -- "The Lost Booklets of Emmet Fox." I found several of these items in Dr. Bob's library--part from the attic of Dr. Bob's daughter Sue Windows in Akron, and part from the Texas home of Robert R. "Smitty" Smith, Dr. Bob's son.

Tuchy Palmieri's publishing efforts illustrate that those willing to dig and truthfully report are thankful for any raw materials that have a bearing on the sources, controversies, and programs of  the recovery community. And this latest book is part of the quest.

Thanks to Carl Tuchy Palmieri, and the best of health for him.

In His Service,

Dick B.

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