Sunday, March 23, 2014

AA Christian Roots and Historical Landmarks - the New Dick B. Main Website

After years of researching, publishing, speaking on, and disseminating facts about the history of Alcoholics Anonymous, it was time to summarize and capsulize the landmark epochs on our main, popular website that has served almost five million viewers.

That time is here. The main website is completely changed in presentation and initial content. You can still see all the historical resources, book references, articles, blogs, profiles, social media references etc. on the left navigation bar. But the real change is in the complete presentation of A.A.'s historical landmarks and the derivation of most from Christian beginnings.

Take a look. You will see a dramatic, accurate, and truthful presentation of the "old school" A.A. and present-day A.A. landmarks that we have been discussing for many years. On the very first page, you will see what awaits those who still believe that the "power" in A.A. is the power of God for those who choose to rely on that option.

Your comments will be welcome.

God Bless, Dick B. ,

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