Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Great Letter from Mike G. to Dick B. re Kihei and A.A. and Christianity

Hi Dick B!

I am a Christian and an AA and I’ve been to Kihei, because my son lives there. I might have met you when I attended meetings there. Thanks for your messages.

I am still early enough in my recovery to be moving along a confused path towards renewing my faith and Christian foundation. I have felt the uneasiness of many AAs about saying too much on God. I also have heard AAs remark that they noticed the ones skipping out to the parking lot are the ones frequently using the word God in their speech. I consider this a testimony to the truth of the matter, and applaud you in your effort to regain the Christian basis for recovery.  I will continue my journey; maybe our paths will meet in Kihei next time I’m there.


Mike G


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