Monday, October 21, 2013

A.A. Author and Historian Dick B. Thanks "Teens 4 Victory" for Extensively Publishing A.A. History by Dick

Thank you for posting some of my materials on Alcoholics Anonymous History and the Christian Recovery Movement. Adding to the above, I would point out two things that have become well-documented A.A. History as the result of our 24 years of research and publishing. The first is that early Akron A.A. founded in June, 1935 was a Christian Fellowship and so declared by its cofounder Dr. Robert Smith. Dr. Bob said all the basic ideas came from the studies, teachings, and efforts in the Bible that had been going on since the founding. The second is that Bill W. developed a completely "new version" of the program (to use his own words) and that meant the publication of the Big Book and 12 Steps in 1939. As to these, Bill stated that  there were three major sources for his "new version" of the A.A. program: (1) The inspiration of his psychiatrist, Dr. William D. Silkworth, who conveyed to Bill the rudiments of the "disease" of alcoholism and also told Bill that the Great Physician Jesus Christ could cure him.  (2) The writings of the long-dead Professor William James who did a huge study of the "varieties of religious experience" as evidenced by conversion cures of alcoholics in the gospel rescue missions. (3) The teachings of Rev. Samuel M. Shoemaker, Jr. an American leader of "A First Century Christian Fellowship" also called the Oxford Group. Wilson said that ten of the twelve steps came from Shoemaker. And it is quite clear from some 500 Oxford Group books and writings that I read and discussed with Oxford Groupers that "The Principles of the Oxford Group Were The Principles of the Bible" - paraphrasing the little booklet prepared by Shoemaker's friend Rev. Sherwood Day in the early 1920's. God Bless, Dick B.

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