Saturday, August 10, 2013

Arizona Christian Recovery Leader Paul R. Says: Dick B.'s God Help Me Article a "Must Read" for Christians

Good morning friends!

Found a gold nugget in my email this morning. This article by our friend Dick B. the renown  AA historian and Christian Recovery author and founder of the International Christian Recovery Coalition   , (Dick and Son Ken will be leading workshops in October in Tucson and Phoenix on early AA success and how and why achieved...details to follow).

This article  is a great resource and speaks for itself better than  I can summarize. I suggest all FOBF Group  meeting leaders keep copies of this article on hand at meetings and provide them  for distribution and reference. It is a great source of meeting topics, but also a fantastic source of information in a Q&A context relative to FOBF AA meetings and others like it.

As we join in our mission  with local churches and other Christian Recovery leaders, this is a great short overview to provide background history and focus for the future of the Christian recovery movement as guided by the historical foundation of our fellowship and the roots thereof that are firmly planted in the Bible and Christs teachings.

God bless


Paul Robb


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