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Select for Your Next Bible Reading "The Runner's Bible" of Early AAs

The Runner’s Bible Dr. Bob Favored and Early AAs Used


Dick B.

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I often turn to the Bible for more information about God’s promises, or for more reminders of how much Jesus Christ accomplished for us on the cross, or of how many ways we can count on God as our sufficiency—God, who supplies all our needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.


Perhaps you too get immersed in trying to read all of Romans, or all of 1 Corinthians, or all of Hebrews. And, as both Dr. Bob and his wife Anne suggested, not a day should pass without looking to the Bible as the main source book of all. See


However, Dr. Bob took a somewhat different course each day. DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers reports that Dr. Bob would go upstairs three times a day and do the following: (1) Pray. (2) Study a particular subject in the Bible. (3) Seek God’s guidance as to how he should spend his time along those lines. (4) “Going about his Father’s business.”


From A.A.’s Conference-approved literature, and from Dr. Bob’s son Robert R. Smith, and from frequent mention of The Runner’s Bible by early AAs, I made a special effort to find a copy. I did. And it was in a seminary’s discarded books box – for free. And I saw why this compilation of vital promises, assurances, and guides was so important to the Christian “on the run” during a busy day. I later realized this hard-to-obtain devotional had been reprinted and was available at a very reasonable price. And, like Dr. Bob, I have given copies to a good many alcoholics and drug addicts who wanted God’s help.


And I think a look at the Table of Contents (with chapter headings) will show you the wide utility of looking at the categorized subjects—listed as follows:


The next answer can properly be: The Runner’s Bible: Spiritual Guidance for People on the Run, compiled and annotated by Nora Holm, with an Introduction by Polly Berrien Berends (Lakewood, CO: I Level, Acropolis Books, 1998). This book is a reprint of The Runner’s Bible prepared in 1910 by Nora Holm. I found a copy of the earlier book among the books of Dr. Bob that were shown to me by Dr. Bob’s son and daughter. And Dr. Bob’s son, Robert R. Smith, told me that this was a favorite devotional his father used. The following statement of the chapter headings may well show why:


            “In the Morning Will I Order My Prayer to Thee”

            The Godhead

            God the Father

            The Christ of God

            Him That Filleth All in All

            His Image and Likeness

            Walk in Love

            Rejoice Always

            In Everything Give Thanks

            Fear Not, Only Believe

            Get Wisdom, Get Understanding

            Ask and Ye Shall Receive

            He That is The Greatest Among You Shall Be Your Servant

            Forgive and Ye Shall Be Forgiven

            Be of Good Cheer, Thy Sins Be Forgiven Thee

            I Will Help Thee

            Behold, I Will Heal Thee

            For Thine Is The Power

            The Lord Shall Guide Thee Continually

            Thou Shalt Walk In Thy Way Safely

            All Things Are Yours

            Peace Be Unto You

            Happy Shalt Thou Be

            The Lord Will Lighten My Darkness             


Those familiar with the Bible will quickly recognize the biblical references in the subjects. They will also see biblical expressions applied in early A.A. And they will be seeing, in the many verses under each subject, just what “basic ideas” Dr. Bob stated the early AAs began studying, exerting themselves to learn, and teaching.


For more information, see Dick B., Good Morning!: Quiet Time, Morning Watch, Meditation, and Early A.A. And contact dickb at

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