Monday, April 1, 2013

AA History--Christian Recovery Conferences Are in the Works for 2013

AA History--Christian Recovery Conferences are in the works for  2013. Stay tuned, and we will sure keep inquirers posted on times, dates, locations, and formats.

One Christian leader in Alaska--a recpvered physician also--seems willing to organize a real outreach there and to fund our trip.

A Christian pastor and his wife--both recovered and living in Texas--are very serious about a large conference in Ft. Worth and have talked to us extensively about music, speakers, eats, round table talks, personal meetings, and a focus on apply old school A.A. Christian Fellowship principles and practices in recovery groups and work today.

There has also been some talk about a meeting this Spring in the South San Francisco Bay Area--which is alive with Christian recovery outreach. Two different leaders are planning events; and a prison outreach leader may also weigh in.

Just a day or so ago, some of the folks who traveled with us on our team research all over Vermont and also in Cleveland have talked about a Conference on the East Coast or New England. We love the prospect.

As Ken and I have said many times, we will go where we are welcome, can serve and glorify God and His Son Jesus Christ, and are funded in advance as to travel expenses.

We've never been to a conference or a seminar or personal meetings where we have not met new leaders, hungry servants, and eager Christian recovery fellowship enthusiasts. We wouldn't go if there weren't that prospect, followed by the continued work to grow the Christian Recovery Movement today that is now represented with participants in all 50 States, in Canada, in the British Isles, and in other countries.

Every meeting has stimulated various resourceful activities and leader-workers. These have included pastors, recovery pastors, physicians, historians, Christian fellowship leaders, treatment program and counseling leaders, and those growing the sober living movement for Christians. Some start fellowships. Some start study groups. Some organize new meetings. Some reach out to prisons, mental hospitals, and treatment facilities. Some have radio and TV outlets. And all have turned up as stalwart workers and supporters.

For further information and suggestions, please contact Dick B., or 808 874 4876

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