Friday, April 26, 2013

A New Line of Communications Coming from Christian professionals Concerned with Recovery

Since our research and publishing began in 1990, we have watched a growing number of alcoholics, addicts, and those with life controlling problems phone (to 808 874 4876) and/or send emails ( expressing a deep interest in the highly successful Christian roots, history, upbringing of cofounders, founding, and early Christian Fellowship of the first A.A. group in Akron, Ohio. Their calls were welcome. They ranged from “I never knew our roots” to “what was the early program” to “where can we learn more” to “how do I start an old school group” to “what about the criticism I get if I mention my own belief in God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible.”

And out of all these sprang the many books that have answered the questions in terms of what the early AAs did and the way the succeeded with reliance on God. The calls were about learning, studying, acquiring resources, getting study group guidance, and holding meetings and conferences. And those communications still come all the time.

But there’s been a welcome change–perhaps because of social media, facebook, twitter, linked-in, Tumbler, blogs, WordPress, cyber recovery social, and other burgeoning sources. Whatever the change, it is most welcome. And we invite much more of it–from the afflicted, the affected, and those whose careers are devoted to helping them.

We sure appreciate this new influx of communications from professionals in the Christian recovery field. We are receiving numerous contacts from many new callers in our arena. They are pastors, Christian recovery leaders, physicians, therapists, counselors, treatment facilitators, psychologists, professors, and sober living-homeless workers. Their interest in old school A.A.’s Christian Fellowship, technique, and successes is heartwarming.

Thank you. Dick B. 808 874 4876;;

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