Saturday, January 28, 2012

The "Christian Spring" in Christian Recovery This Year

International Christian Recovery Coalition has planned a "Christian Spring" in Christian Recovery and in the Christian Recovery Movement for 2012.

The Purpose: To bring the roots of Christian recovery to the attention of Christians, Christian leaders, Christian recovery leaders and workers, Christians in recovery, and all who want God's help in conquering alcoholism, addiction, and the disasters which accompany them in society and in individuals. Available to all--whatever their present approach or program.

The Plan:

Geographically, we hope to hold meetings with NAs in Southern Califorenia, with AAs in Southern California, with both in Northern California and with all in Florida.

The New Approaches:

We want folks to know that there is nothing new about the role that God,. His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible have played in helping drunks and addicts. This is a piece of history that should be at the fore of any program that wants to bring recovery. Healing was clear in the Old Testmanet. Healing was clear in the ministry of Jesus. Healing was clear among the First Century Christians. Healing of alcoholics and addicts was widespread and effective in the 1850's among the great evangelists, the rescue missions, the Young Men's Christian Association personal work folks, the Salvation Army, the Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor, and even the earliest Oxford Group-Shoemaker outreach. It was present among the first three AAs. AND IT WAS CERTAINLY PRESENT IN EARLY AKRON A.A.'S CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP.

If you read Acts Chapters Two and Four, you will see it all centered on DAILY fellowship, prayer, Bible study, healing, conversion, and breaking bread together.

We hope to see leaders rise up in counseling, intervention, treatment, 12 Step fellowships, sober living, Christian recovery fellowships, and among churches and clergy and psychologists. They can put God squarely in the middle of the recovery arena. They can do it now. They can do it in their offices, their programs, their fellowships, their living facilities, their Christian recovery work, and their churrches.

We will have several powerful Christian speakers from across the U.S. who can show you how they are doing this now. We will have some wonderful panels who present the material on radio, TV, and film. We will have some effective, simple, teaching sessions to train the trainers in how First Century Christianity touched recovery in the 1930's and can touch it today.

We will show how, for example, "A.A. General Service Conference-approved literature" can be the strongest tool for showing how 12 Step recovery really began with reliance on God.

You and your fellowship, your group, your program, your efforts, and your churches and conferences can join us right now.

God Bless, Dick B., Executive Director.;

Our new, expanded The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide, 4th ed., will soon be ready for those who want an updated approach to all the foregoing.

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