Friday, January 20, 2012

Biblical Perspective of the 12 Steps - A New Study in North Hollywood

Biblical Perspective of 12 Steps - A Product of "Old School" A.A. Tallks

On Monday, January 9, 2012, we were privileged to speak to a "rockin" meeting of The Hiding Place Fellowship in North Hollywood. The huge bingo room of the Cri-Help Facility was packed. We personally met folks from Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymou, and the Christian community who had come to hear our talks on the biblical origins of the Christian Recvovery Movement and a highlight of the exact places in the Bible from which 12 Step concepts emerged.

Mario Zamorano has been leading a book by book Bible study among a growing number of people, both seasoned clean and sober people, but also newcomers, Christians in recovery, and Christian leaders, and others seeking God's help in their recovery efforts.

We just received notice of how this biblical perspective of the 12 Steps has taken off since our kickoff talk. Here is the announcement just being published: And we think others such as the many James Club, Big Book/Bible Study, and A.A. History Study Groups may profitably contact the leaders of The Hiding Place Fellowship for information, suggestions, and useful helps in their Bible roots of A.A. studies.

A note from The Hiding Place Fellowship

Please pass this on....................

This Monday we will be back at the Bingo Hall for week two of...A biblical perspective of the 12 steps. We Start at 7:00 pm.

Come hear the 2nd step in its entirety as defined in
the Bible. This will be very informative and can only enhance your
recovery or daily walk!

For more info or if you need transportation please call 562) 266-3024.

Hope to see you there.

God bless.

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