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Christian Recovery: Our Forthcoming Webinars

Our Forthcoming Webinars

Bill W., Dr. Bob, and the Cure of Alcoholism: The Rest of the Story

By Dick B.

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Brief Webinar Sessions to “Train the Trainers” Through Local, Small, Recovery Leadership Groups that Condense 100 Years of Available, Adaptable, “Old-School” A.A.’s Vanishing  and Priceless Recovery Treasures and Victories We Need to Know

A Word or Two about How This Series Can Change Individuals, Groups, Repeated Relapses, and Sluggish Recoveries

Even before their Society was founded in 1935, suffering alcoholics and many care givers believed that alcoholism could be cured by the power of God. They believed recovery itself could also be substantially enhanced. They believed revolving door relapses could be prevented. And they believed an important relationship with God could be established to enable the afflicted to be healed, to guide them in the steps of Jesus Christ, and to achieve all that it means to become a child of the living Creator.

For more than 25 years, Dick B. (a long-sober, Christian, active in A.A.) and his son Ken B. (a Bible scholar, ordained Christian minister, and communications specialist) have traveled and spoken widely, researched, read, interviewed, and published. They’ve reported to those afflicted with and affected by alcoholism what they have been missing in recovery and healing. Many, if not most, have scarcely learned the origins, principles, and history of their fellowships. Many have wearily listened to distorted or misrepresented chatter amounting to the wisdom of the rooms. Many have never heard, met, or read the writings of dedicated Christian recovery leaders and workers. Nor realized their immense influence on early recovery successes.

Considering today’s rampant recidivism and relapse histories, many an afflicted person has had more than enough misery and trouble despite continuing in a downward spiral. One which, a century ago, was arrested by experienced, compassionate, Christian leaders whose main focus then was helping the desperate down and outers, and the derelicts unable to or unsuccessful in changing their lives.

Despite the billions spent on alcoholism and addiction problems, many suffering souls have been detoured from the original A.A. path to a relationship with God. They have often neither learned much about or believed in the power of God, the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ, and the road map to God’s solutions in the Bible. They have been deprived of the rest of the story of Christian recoveries. They have never learned or applied the principles and practices of the early Akron A.A. “Christian fellowship” members—principles and practices that many call “old-school” A.A. Principles and practices paving the way even during first century Christianity.

A gaping information hole exists today, largely because--in little more than 75 years of existence, their fellowships have often side-stepped or even obscured the original “God” part of recovery and opened their doors to atheists and agnostics; focused on the idolatrous idea that some nebulous, fictional, “higher power” can somehow perform the miraculous. They have often been side-tracked into believing that God, His Son Jesus Christ, the Bible, clergyman, church, and religion are just unneeded—even offensive--nuisances that clutter up a divine solution and replaced it with a simplistic blind faith. A dubious conclusion that twelve, suggested, secular steps can, without the power of God, produce an understanding of, and affinity to. God’s love, power, forgiveness, healing, grace, and mercy. Yet emphasizing that today’s members can be atheists, agnostics, unbelievers, or side-standers in the vital march to find a spiritual awakening that will remove their affliction.

The “Rest of the Story” in Small, Digestible, Webinars--Shared by Us with You-- Who Are and Very Much Want to Be Informed Trainers in the Trenches

The message that God can do for the alcoholic what he cannot do for himself no Longer Requires Expensive Conferences and Eloquent Circuit Speakers. It’s about Bringing to Your Leadership Gatherings by Webinars a Piece-by-Piece Body of Facts that Talk of What God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible Enabled Early AAs to Utilize and Apply and Can Still be Harmonized for Today’s Afflicted the Key Elements of Depending on God for Recovery, for Relapse Prevention, for Healing, for Fellowship, and for Spiritual Growth

·         Some Trial Run Plans for our brief Webinars:

Each be brief. Each will be free. Each will have only a limited number of participants.  Those who want to be taught and teach accurate information. Each will be a recovered Christian group leader, Christian recovery fellowship leader, recovery pastor, recovered Christian treatment program leader, or a Christian recovery residential program leader of groups of Christians in recovery. Participants may be Christian recovery professionals who are counselors or interventionists or recovered Christians or who are speakers, or are sponsors who want to found and conduct Christian recovery groups or who already belong to a recovery fellowship. They may include a group leader, speaker, or sponsor—in a gathering which relies on God for help.

·         Selection of Participants for the small groups.

We will contact three or four leaders who have expressed a desire to train. learn,  and train others; or we will welcome such leaders as simply want to participate in the seminars. Ken B. will contact or should be contacted by those desiring to participate; and Ken may be reached at 808 275 4945 or We will then select and notify participants of the webinar, its topic, and its timing.

·         Examples of Topics that will be taught.

We will select a topic or series of topics related to a particular part of the rest of the story. An example is set forth below.

·         Actual Conduct of a Webinar.

First, Dick B. and Ken B. will present a brief training discussion on the particular webinar  topic. They will invite comments from participants. And the webinar will conclude with suggestions from the participants or the presenters.

·         Documentation of the training facts presented.  We have published 46 books, over 1700 articles, blogs and newsletters, and comments. And we have, as well, conducted radio shows, videos, and conferences. And all materials have been carefully described and documented in footnotes and published records. These will be mentioned and certainly made available for reference but not be part of the brief webinars


·         An example of a webinar topic: “The Christian upbringing in Vermont of Bill W.”:


Includes The East Dorset Congregational Church in Vermont; the Wilson family’s contributions to, participation in, and support of the church. Grandpa Willie Wilson (the alcoholic) and his vital religious experience on Mount Aeolus where he was cured of alcoholism for the remaining eight years of his life. Bill’s attendance at both the church and at its Sunday school. Bill’s recollection of sermons, hymns, temperance meetings, revival meetings, and conversions, as well as family religious events. Bill’s attendance at nearby Burr and Burton Seminary in Manchester, Vermont. Bill’s required attendance at daily chapel—sermon, reading of Scripture, hymn, prayer meeting. Bill’s presidency of Burr and Burton Young Men’s Christian Association. Bill’s four year Bible study course at Burr and Burton. The required attendance by scholars at services and events of the nearby Manchester Congregational Church. Bill’s turning his back on God at graduation time when his girl-friend Bertha Bamford died unexpectedly in surgery.


·         Brevity of webinar is supplemented by the well-documented facts available on our new website (; in our books, articles, websites, blogs, radio shows, newsletters, and many posted resources. The webinars themselves are presented to highlight the topics trainers need to hear, research, learn, and teach.

·         Many other topics will be put in webinar form as time permits, resources are available, requests are made, and progress is evident.


Gloria Deo

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