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The Rest of the A.A. History Story in Small Bites You Can Chew

The Rest of the A.A. History Story in Small Bites You Can Chew

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Dick B.

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A Bite of A.A.’s Resemblance to First Century Christianity

Many observers of early A.A. said, “Why, this is first-century Christianity!” See Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age, page 148. To study, learn, and chew that reference to Apostolic Christianity, read Acts 2:38-47; 4:29-35. Dr. Bob’s wife Anne wrote: “Of course the Bible ought to be the main Source Book of all. Begin reading the Bible with the Book of Acts.” Dick B., Anne Smith’s Journal 1933-1939, 3rded., page 82.

A Bite of A.A.’s Christian Progenitors Who Successfully Helped Down and Out Drunks

Young Men’s Christian Association; Gospel Rescue Missions; Evangelists like Moody, Meyer, and Drummond; Salvation Army; Congregationalism; United Christian Endeavor Society. See Dick B. and Ken B., Dr. Bob of Alcoholics Anonymous: His Excellent Training in the Good Book as a Youngster in Vermont.

A Bite of the Christian Upbringing of Bill W. and Dr. Bob That Influenced Their Program Development

Congregational churches in East Dorset, Manchester, Northfield, and St. Johnsbury, Vermont; Sunday school in East Dorset and St. Johnsbury; Attendance at Congregational Academies like Burr and Burton, Norwich University, and St. Johnsbury  Academy;  Required daily chapel (sermons, Scripture, hymns, prayers), required church; required Bible study; YMCA leadership and participation. See Dick B. and Ken B., Bill W. and Dr. Bob: The Green Mountain Men of Vermont: The Roots of Early A.A.’s Original Program, EAN/UCC-13: 978-1-885803-53-5, pp.6-16, 41-103.

A Bite of the Biblical Healing Sought by the First Three AAs

Bill W. and Dr. Silkworth’s advice  about help from the Great Physician; Ebby Thacher’s visit with Bill telling Bill he had “got religion,” that “God has done for me what I could not do for myself;” and that he had been reborn at Calvary Mission; Bill’s handing his life over to Jesus Christ at Calvary Mission, saying that he too had found religion and “for sure been born again;” Bill’s hospital room blazing with an indescribably white light and Bill’s sensing “This is the God of the Scriptures; and Bill’s being cured forever. See Dick B. The Conversion of Bill W.: More on the Creator’s Role in Early A.A.


Dr. Bob’s joining the little group of A First Century Christian Fellowship; admitting he was a “secret drinker” and couldn’t stop; praying with the group for his deliverance; the miracles of Bill W.’s phone call to Henrietta out of the blue, Henrietta’s arranging the six hour visit between Bill and Bob; and Bob’s finally telling Bill he was going through with the program and had placed his surgery and his life in God’s hands; and never drank again. See Dick B., The Akron Genesis of Alcoholics Anonymous;; and DR. Bob and the Good Oldtimers.


A.A. Number Three Bill W.—a Sunday school teacher, deacon of his church, and seemingly hopeless alcoholic; who prayed with his wife and whose wife prayed with the pastor of a church that someone her husband could understand would visit him in City Hospital. The prayers were followed by his visit from Bill W.  and Dr. Bob at Akron City Hospital; his kneeling at his bed and turning his life over to the care of God; and Bill D.’s being healed forever. See Bill D. – A.A.’s Number 3,; and Alcoholics Anonymous Number Three,


A Bite of the First and Real Christian Fellowship Program and Success of Akron Group Number One


The program was investigated and summarized by Rockefeller agent Frank Amos and republished on page 131 of DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers. The sixteen Christian practices that implemented the summarized program are described on pages 27-37  of Dick B. and Ken B., Stick with the Winners!

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