Tuesday, May 6, 2014

AA History - the New Era of AA History is about to come alive again - incorporating old school A.A. into recovery

A.A. History - the New Era is About to Come Alive Again!

Wow. The immediate response to our forthcoming release of the "rest of the story" so long overdue in the recovery arena is heart-warming. We are cranking up our social media contacts. A generous addiction medicine physician has become a contributor along with six or seven others. And as soon as the photo inserts and editing are complete, we are good to go. And it's a thrill as we have watched the parade of incomplete movies, films, interviews, march onward and further cloud the simple recovery origins: They are the Bible, the Christian predecessors of A.A., the Christian upbringing of our cofounders in Vermont, how the first three got sober, and the simple Akron Christian Fellowship program summarized by Frank Amos. It boils down to renouncing substance abuse for good, turning to God for help, fellowshipping with like-minded believers, and helping others. It does not mean turning our backs on anyone or any other persuasion. We still believe that "keep it simple" is not "keep it simple, stupid." It is about simply acting with all dispatch to quit for good, trusting God all the way, tolerating the diverse views of unbelievers while helping those who may want God's help and a cure. Onward and upward. Keep those cards and letters coming. God Bless you all! Dick B. May 5

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