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The Dick B. Radio Show Thanking Supportive Christian churches, recovery leaders, AAs

Christian Churches “Friendly” to God, Jesus Christ, the Bible, Recovery, Newcomers, Alcoholics, Addicts, AAs, Steps, and Big Book

Dick B.

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On Christian Recovery, broadcast from Maui Hawaii this evening, we will discuss and name informally a number of Christian Churches who have opened their doors to our talks; most of whom have a recovery pastor or director of care or director of recovery ministry; and in whose facility we have spoken. Were found by us personally to be friendly to alcoholics, addicts, AAs, NAs, Christians, believers who want God’s help, Bible, Jesus Christ, Big Book, Twelve Steps and who have supported our work in many ways. In a number of cases, their pastors and recovery leaders are recovered, clean and sober, former alcoholics and addicts:

Rock Church, San Diego, California – largest church in the city where  thousands regularly attend services on Sunday, are often residents of one of the small Christian residential recovery houses, who attend an orientation meeting as recovery begins, the bonfire meeting, the Bible study, A.A. meetings, sometimes coming formerly from their Christian treatment facilities. And then there is their Rock Recovery Ministries morning quiet time texting, and prayers. A wonderful model led by a vigorous young, married Christian who keeps this in the mode of a daily Christian recovery program friendly also to Alcoholics Anonymous.

His Place Church, Westminster, California—a fast growing recovery oriented Christian church pastored by two married Christians who are recovered alcoholics and addicts. Every Friday, they have a large and growing meeting—always announcing, “The Bible and the Big Book are the basic texts at this meeting.” Why not take the Bible as one of the two texts? Early AAs did. Why not take the Big Book as the other. That’s the way to utilize old school A.A. in today’s diverse recovery arena. Prayers, helpful sharing, and important outreach through International Christian Recovery Coalition and 12 Step or Christian recovery programs largely in the Orange County area. One of their team is a member of the Speakers Bureau of our Coalition.

The Crossing, Costa Mesa, California—a Christian church noted for its vigorous executive recovery pastor who leads the heavily attended Lifelines meeting on Fridays. There, each week, there is a top speaker usually on a Step; there is a “chip” meeting largely for newcomers from nearby fellowships, programs, and the church itself. Conducts small groups after the large meeting. It has a growing outreach to homeless and to young people. Has hosted International Christian Recovery Conference and welcomed Dick B.’s talks. From this we can learn how large, expertly taught, lively meetings focused largely on newcomers can then be brought into small groups for discussion. And then become the catalyst for homeless and youth service as well.

Cornerstone Fellowship, Livermore, California—two meetings a week on the Bible, the Steps, and recovery from alcoholism and addiction.  The meetings are led by two men who are experienced, recovered, Christian AAs. Has hosted large Christian recovery meetings where we have spoken. Is preparing a play on what the early Akron AAs did in their Christian Fellowship meetings; has acquired and distributed a large number of Dick B. books on Alcoholics Anonymous History and the Christian Recovery Movement. What’s the lesson? Teachers! Teachers like old school A.A. where the Bible, the Steps, and Christian recovery are melded in a thoroughly supported church effort to help the still suffering alcoholic and addict establish a relationship with God.

Golden Hills Community Church, Brentwood, California. A large Christian church with a large recovery staff and meetings with music, prayer, Bible, Big Book study, and community outreach. We have spoken there numerous times. The church supports a Fellowship Hall and our work. It has undertaken an important Christian residential recovery facility to be known as Bethesda, in the town of Rescue, California. Many leaders and participants in International Christian Recovery Coalition have spoken at Christian recovery conferences there. The lesson? Direct leadership of residential Christian recovery and of church recovery fellowship meetings where recovered AAs and NAs carry the message. Opinions are not the standard. Helping others receive God’s help is!

Oroville Church of the Nazarene, Serenity Group; Oroville, California, led by a vigorous recovery pastor who is in touch with many of our supportive churches, speaks in their pulpits or meetings and reciprocates. He’s a long-sober veteran as sponsor, teacher of Steps and Big Book, and witnessing Christian who can and does lead hungry AAs and NAs to God through accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.Very strong on networking among Christian Churches which have strong and friendly outreach. Has a regular outreach to recovery-oriented Christian churches in the Northern California Area. Its recovery pastor is on the Speaker’s Bureau of International Christian Recovery Coalition.

Calvary Church, Los Gatos, California. This Christian Church has provided its recovery pastor with a special building devoted to Christian recovery fellowship meetings. It has acquired many First Edition Big Books and many of Dick B.’s books. Its recovery pastor is in close touch with other Christian recovery fellowship churches in Central California and has their leaders speak at Calvary. Their emphasis is on First Century Christianity and the old school practices and principles of the early Akron A.A. Christian Fellowship which was often called “First Century Christianity at Work.” The recovery pastor is one of those fairly rare Christian AAs who knows the Bible, the Big Book, the Steps, and the Way to a relationship with God for those needing and wanting God’s help.

First  Presbyterian Church of Miami, Florida. Special facts about this church and its recovery outreach are these: (1) CROSS-FLORIDA is a rapidly growing conference of Christian leaders from many areas. (2) We have spoken there and traveled from Hawaii to do so. (3) It has a broad outreach in the Southern Florida area. (4) Its major sparkplug is a top speaker (attorney Russell S.) who is invited more and more often and more and more widely to speak at Step meetings that pull no punches when it comes to Conference-approved  literature, the Bible, Jesus Christ, and A.A. history. Russell’s tapes are so important that we broadcast them on They show the appeal, success, and utility of old school A.A. in recovery today.

New Life Spirit Recovery, headquartered in Huntington Beach, California. Its leaders are Dr. Robert T. (pastor, trainer of counselors, leader of New Life Spirit Recovery, Inc. program; and his wife Stephanie who specializes in treating and publishing on codependency.) Dr. Robert and his wife video taped first Dick B. and Ken B. educational presentation on A.A. roots, the A.A. Fellowship, 12 Step Christian origins, the original program, and pertinent literature of ours. It is used at his treatment program and elsewhere by Dick B. and Ken B. He is president of the Association of Christian Alcohol and Drug Counselors Institute; speaks widely on Christian recovery, treatment, and counseling, and provides an Orange County office for International Christian Recovery Coalition. Dr. T. speaks widely in Southern California in addition to pastoring his church and the other recovery activities mentioned.

Christian Recovery Fellowships and Treatment Programs Scheduled for Mention

Calvary Ranch, Lakewood, California

Neighborhood Alcoholics for Christ, Escondido, California

The Hideaway, North Hollywood, California

Freedom House, Costa Mesa, California

CityTeamInternational, San Jose, California

WonWay Out, Wyoming, Delaware

Episcopal Diocese of Texas Recovery Committee, Austin, Texas

Came To Believe Retreats, Steve F., Winter Park, Florida, Chief Shepherd

Three James Clubs, Norco, California

Manna House Ministries, Jamestown, Tennessee

Dr. Bob’s Core Library, St. Johnsbury, Vermont located on Main Street at North Congregational Church where all the Smiths attended and participated regularly.

Shoemaker Room, Calvary Episcopal Church, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Griffith Library to which our benefactors donated over 30,000 books and historical materials in East Dorset, Vermont

Youth with a Mission Addictive Behavior School, Kona, Hawaii


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