Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Recovery Pastor: Don't Dump A.A. or Your Christian Recovery Meetings. Just Love!

Christian Recovery Pastor: Don’t Leave A.A. and Don’t Dump Christian Meetings

Just Remember the Greatest Thing in the World


In my humble opinion there is only one way to combat these changes. This is for Christians to quit exiting AA for Christ Center Recovery meetings. Of course as a recovery pastor I am not suggesting we forget about our Christ Centered recovery meetings. What I am suggesting is that we need to do both. We need to be able to share our faith at AA while staying within the traditions. We need to educate our folks about AA history and the use of the word God over 400 times in the Big Book. As Christians we are free share our faith as it personally relates to our recovery. If some are offended they will get over it if we persistently use our most powerful weapon.

We must remember that if we abandon AA there will not be Christians in the rooms to offer our experience strength and hope. It is so easy to get discouraged by some of the things that happen in the rooms but we have the greatest weapon of all, God's love, to share in a way our fellow Christians cannot. Why? Because we earned the seats in the rooms and we've experienced God's miracles in our lives.

Always remember what Paul told us, love is The Greatest Thing in The World. (See Henry Drummond for a great presentation on how to love?)

Yours in Christ


Recovery Pastor


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