Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Participant Well Worth Knowing and Utilizing - The Crossing Church and Lifelines - Costa Mesa, California

Lifelines and The Crossing Church, Costa Mesa - an International Christian Recovery Coalition Participant




As we move through the 50 states pointing Christians and those wanting God's help toward the wide variety of participants in International Christian Recovery Coalition (www.ChristianRecoveryCoalition.com), we will be discussing some premier efforts being made to utilize faith-based (or faith-centered) 12 Step Recovery help for alcoholics and addicts.

Next in line geographically is Lifelines and all of its corollary activities with the Crossing Church in Costa Mesa, California. Randy Moraitis is the Executive Recovery Pastor who puts it all together week in and week out.

I have spoken twice at their Lifelines event on Friday which is a lively, effective presentation of Steps, Speakers, Anniversary Celebrations, and breakouts into small groups. In addition, the church outreach has grown into youth activities and a good many other service-oriented efforts. Many of the Christian leaders we know and work with in Orange County and elsewhere have been speakers at Lifelines, and there is widespread support from nearby recovery facilities and churches.

Here is the location and phone of The Crossing Church: The Crossing Church • 2115 Newport Blvd. • Costa Mesa, CA 92627 •  949.645.5050

There is lots I haven’t seen or done at The Crossing. But I am aware of the outreach of their pastor, recovery pastor, Lifelines, homeless ministry, street ministry, Care Ministry, feed the hungry work, counseling, and sponsorship of church fellowships elsewhere – including Maui.

The best introduction and information can be found at the websites:

We much favor the intense fellowship and spiritual thrust of those recovery organizations which contain some or all of the strengths of the First Century Christians and of the Old School Akron A.A. Christian Fellowship, as well as the early Cleveland A.A. program.


God Bless, Dick B., Executive Director, International Christian Recovery Coalition, dickb@dckb.com


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