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Highlights of Dick B. Ken B. Talks in CA and FL Feb 5-11

A.A. History, Origins, the Christian Recovery Movement


A Special Series of Meetings by Dick B. and Ken B. on the Mainland in Early February


Dick B.


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Highlights of the trip. Where we will be. Meetings, Workshops, and Individual Meetings. We leave Maui on February 4, fly to San Jose Airport, Leave San Jose Feb 7, fly to Miami on Feb 7, Leave Miami Feb 11, Return to Maui next day.


Special Events You Will Want to Consider


Feb 5 – Luncheon for Christian recovery leaders and workers hosted by Calvary Church, Los Gatos, California.


Feb 6 – Evening meeting at Cornerstone Fellowship Campus in Livermore, California


Feb 8 – 9 Three Workshops and Special meetings with individuals during Cross Florida Recovery Conference in Miami, and individual meetings at  4 Ambassadors Hotel before we leave – Feb 10-11.


Contacts for Information


Call Ken B. at 808 276 4945, or

Email Dick B. at


We will be delighted to share with you at any and all of these seminars and workshops and also at individual meetings in our hotels.



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